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The Aquabeam robotic system, available at HM Hospitales and ROC Clinic, corrects BPH, or prostate enlargement as it is commonly known, precisely, almost immediately and preserving sexual function.

It is especially indicated to treat BPH without the size and shape of the prostate affecting the possibility of undergoing this approach.

The enlarged prostate causes, in most cases, annoying urinary symptoms such as choppy urination, difficulty in starting it or pain when urinating. This growth of the prostate gland, normally progressive, not only can worsen the quality of life of the patient, but can also lead to complications such as recurrent urinary infections, acute or chronic retention of urine, hematuria or bleeding in the urine, formation of bladder stones and even irreversible damage to the bladder and kidneys.

This type of associated conditions can be prevented by attending a urological consultation with the appearance of the first urinary problems. In this way, the specialist will be able to carry out an assessment and diagnosis and establish the most appropriate treatment, since there are many today. However, although many of the treatments for BPH are already minimally invasive, the Aquabeam robotic system represents a real revolution, as Dr. Javier Romero-Otero, director of the Department of Urology at HM Hospitales in Madrid and medical director of ROC Clinic, "

Aquablation is a minimally invasive, safe and effective therapy for BPH, regardless of the size and shape of the prostate, with which excellent functional results are obtained in terms of urination, with rapid improvement of urinary symptoms and rapid recovery and reincorporation to daily life. In fact, a very short hospitalization (mean 24-48 hours) is usually required, and the patient is discharged without a urinary catheter


The absence of a surgical incision, since the procedure is transurethral, ​​the short time in which the intervention takes place - between 3 and 6 minutes - and spinal anesthesia without the need to subject the patient to general anesthesia are just some of the obvious benefits of this new technique, which also guarantees a quick recovery for the patient.

Objective: preserve erectile function

Another advantage for the patient and the medical team provided by Aquabeam resides in the fact that the procedure is controlled at all times in a robotic way by means of an ultrasound guidance system, which generates maximum precision when defining the tissue. that the robot must remove. It is precisely this accuracy that guarantees the best results for patients, since it allows the surgeon, through continuous ultrasound and cystoscopic control, to plan the treatment in a personalized way and to evaluate, with maximum precision, the volume of tissue that the robot must remove. Like other technologies for BPH, Aquabeam takes advantage of real-time images from the cystoscope, but it is the only technology that combines them simultaneously with ultrasound images.These two imaging modalities provide the surgeon with a complete, multidimensional view of the entire prostate in real time, allowing him to create a surgical map of the areas of the prostate to remove and those to avoid. Since each prostate is unique in size and shape, the map can be customized and adapted to the anatomy of each patient. Once all the parameters have been integrated, the robot carries out the procedure quickly, predictably and accurately.the robot carries out the procedure quickly, predictably and accurately.the robot carries out the procedure quickly, predictably and accurately.

Likewise, it should be noted that the great precision of this technique minimizes any possible human error, while preserving the anatomy responsible for erections and urinary continence by having low rates of irreversible complications such as incontinence, erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory dysfunction - 9 out of 10 preserve ejaculation.

"In clinical studies, the majority of patients maintained erectile function without urinary incontinence,

" says Dr. Romero-Otero. This is due to the millimeter accuracy and the type of energy used, which is water at room temperature, by the Aquabeam robotic system.

In fact, this technology is also supported by a robust set of clinical data that includes a randomized controlled trial against classic transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR) surgery.

All of them have shown that Aquablation therapy is safe and effective and that it is a solution for BPH regardless of the size and shape of the prostate, without compromising sexual functions and urinary continence.

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