Shamma Al Mazrouei visits the two countries' pavilions at the exhibition

Expo..inspirational stories..from Haiti to the Maldives


Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Vice President of the Arab Youth Center Shamma bint Suhail bin Faris Al Mazrouei considered "Expo 2020 Dubai" an opportunity to transfer expertise and share experiences to benefit from the natural resources in each country, noting - during her visit to the pavilions of the Republic of Haiti and the Republic of Maldives - that the exhibition The International is full of inspiring stories from around the world.

About her visit to the Haiti pavilion, Shamma Al Mazrouei said: “We see in the details of the pavilion another beautiful story of inspiring transformation in the economy of this country, which was and still is one of the most important pillars of the Caribbean Sea that attracts those interested in learning about the beauty and nature of this country that does not stop thinking about the future.” . About her experience in the Maldives pavilion, Shamma Al Mazrouei added: “Once we enter the Maldives pavilion, we will be able to see an inspiring story, indicating the success of this country in highlighting its beautiful features and nature to attract the world to its advanced lands and services, and attract investment opportunities that will contribute to the development of state and provide more opportunities for youth and various segments of Maldivian society.” The director of the pavilion - who was at the forefront of my future Shamma Al Mazrouei - reviewed the design of the Maldivian pavilion, which presents the natural beauty of the Maldives and the country's distinctive capabilities in the field of tourism and hospitality that have characterized the Maldives in the past decades.

Shamma Al Mazrouei was briefed on what the Maldives pavilion offers to the world from the Expo, by reviewing the development and progress in the Maldives over the past decades, with a modern design that highlights the beauty of these islands, their history and their distinctive geographical nature, and also learned about what the Maldives has achieved in various development areas.

The Minister of State for Youth Affairs shared with the hosts in the Haiti and Maldives pavilions the UAE experience in working with youth, and involving them in developing important strategies to achieve the country's future goals.

She reviewed the experience of the Federal Youth Foundation and the Arab Youth Center in a number of youth empowerment initiatives.

Al Mazrouei called on Emirati and Arab youth to visit the Haiti and Maldives pavilions to learn about the civilization and history of the Maldives, and to learn about the serious work it is working on to achieve its development goals, which are using young people to work on it and participate in building its strategy.

Minister of State for Youth Affairs:

• «Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity to transfer expertise and share experiences to benefit from the natural resources in each country».