An exhibition of pictures embodying the message of love at the "Expo"

Ain Expo .. “Crossing Smiles” .. a token of appreciation from Morocco to Palestine


The paintings of the exhibition "Crossing Smiles", hosted by the Moroccan pavilion, put a smile on the face of its visitor as he wanders between the displayed shots. Each smile emerges from the pictures behind it, a story of a dream and hope for a better future.

The exhibition - which will run until the third of next December - brings up pictures of Palestinian children during their visit to Morocco, documenting the moments they lived and the places they visited, which managed to snatch a smile from their faces that illuminates their lives, in light of the instability in which they live on their land.

A painting called "Holy Smile" was taken by a Palestinian girl in one of Mazagan's gardens in El Jadida, to be a title for the hope that children have for a bright future.

And another titled “A Smile at Sea” bears with it a picture of children from Jerusalem whose faces were covered in sand while they were having fun on the beach of Ashkar in Tangiers, where the Mediterranean meets the ocean, so that their smiles are evidence of joy and hope for a new meeting, even if after a while.

The visitor can only stop at a picture of children from Jerusalem inside one of the ancient palaces in Marrakesh, drawing a painting from the ancient Palestinian heritage, as a token of appreciation and love for the people of Morocco.

These pictures taken during the visit of Palestinian children to the most important archaeological and natural sites in Morocco, which embrace many of them, inspire beauty lovers of all ages, and represent a message of love and support from Morocco to all children from all over Palestine, hoping that a smile will remain on their faces, and that They spread the message of love and peace.

• Next December 3 is the closing date of the exhibition, which is organized by the Moroccan pavilion.

• The pictures were taken during a visit of Palestinian children to archaeological and natural places in Morocco.