Ningde, November 27th (Lin Rongsheng) The delegation of the "Second Cultural Expansion and Study Trip for College Students in Fujian and Taiwan-Classrooms" visited Ningde City, Fujian Province on the 26th to carry out exchange activities to show and introduce Taiwan students While the Fujian-Taiwan culture is of the same origin, cultivate and strengthen the correct view of history and national history of the young students in Fujian and Taiwan.

  During the period, the delegation visited SAIC Ningde Base, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Anfa Biotech Co., Ltd. to experience the corporate culture atmosphere of Ningde's innovation and development, personally experience the rapid development of Ningde, and further stimulate Taisheng's passion for entrepreneurship and employment in the mainland.

The picture shows the delegation visiting New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Photo courtesy of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office of Ningde City

  Young people from Taiwan have expressed that through this visit and exchanges, they have benefited a lot, and they have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and the development of the mainland, and at the same time, they have enhanced cross-strait cultural exchanges.

  Ningde and Taiwan are separated by a strip of water, and in recent years have continuously deepened the docking and exchanges of industries and cultures between the two sides of the strait.

Due to its geographical proximity, Ningde has several "firsts" to Taiwan, such as the Xiapu Taiwan Aquatic Product Distribution Center, the first Taiwan aquatic product processing and trade distribution center in the mainland, and the first Taiwanese reception station in Fujian.

The picture shows the delegation visiting Anfa Biotech Co., Ltd.

Photo courtesy of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office of Ningde City

  The person in charge of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Ningde City expressed the hope that more students from Fujian and Taiwan will come to Ningde for inspection and exchanges, deepen cooperation, and promote the development of exchanges and integration between Ningde and Taiwan.