China News Service, New York, November 26. Due to market panic caused by new variants of the new crown virus, the three major US stock indexes plummeted on the 26th. Among them, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down by more than 900 points, the largest single-day drop this year.

  On the same day, US stocks opened sharply lower. As of the closing time of "Black Friday" at 1 p.m., the Dow fell 905.04 points, or 2.53%, to 34899.34 points; the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 353.57 points, or 2.23%, to 15,491.66 points ; The Standard & Poor's 500 stock index fell 106.84 points, or 2.27%, to 4,594.62 points.

On November 3, local time, the National Children's Hospital vaccinated the child in Washington, USA.

  According to the Wall Street Journal, the South African government warned on the 25th that a new variant of the new coronavirus, B.1.1.529, is accelerating its spread in the country. Because the variant has a large number of mutations, its infectivity has doubled and may avoid the immune system. s attack.

As soon as this news came out, many countries including Italy, Israel, Japan, the Philippines, etc. have announced the implementation of air restrictions on South Africa.

U.S. stock investors worried that the emergence of this variant will undermine the process of global economic recovery, so they sold wildly during the trading hours on the 26th.

  On the same day, the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (Cboe VIX), which measures investor panic, rose to a position above 28, a record high in eight months.

The stock prices of major airlines were hit hard. Among them, American Airlines fell 8.79%, Delta Airlines fell 8.34%, United Airlines fell 9.57%, German Lufthansa fell 8.82%, and British Airlines parent company International Airlines fell 12.39%.

Data map: A person wearing a mask walks through the New York Stock Exchange in the United States.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

  Soon after the U.S. stock market closed, the White House announced that from the 26th, restrictions on the entry of travelers from eight African countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia, will be implemented to prevent the spread of new variants of the new crown virus.

On the same day, the World Health Organization held an emergency meeting and named this virus variant "Omicron" and included it on the list of variant strains "worthy of attention."

  US financial media CNBC said that the Dow fell by more than 2.5%, marking the largest single-day drop in the index so far this year. All U.S. stock indexes had their worst performance on "Black Friday" in recent years, but for long-term investors, There is no signal of selling, and the original plan should be adhered to for investment.