China News Service, November 26. According to the US Chinese website, on the 25th local time, in view of the recent discovery of a new variant of the new coronavirus in South Africa, the UK has suspended flights from some African countries.

  According to reports, in response to this new variant, South African Health Minister Fahra said, “This is a variant that deserves serious concern.”

  De Oliveira, a professor of bioinformatics at two universities in South Africa, said that this new variant is called B.1.1529, which is "significantly very different" from the past variants of the new crown. Compared with the previous variants such as "Delta", the mutation is The number is unusually large.

  De Oliveira pointed out that the outbreak caused by B.1.1529 is still in its early stages and research is ongoing, but officials "unfortunately predict that in the next few days or weeks, the medical system will begin to face pressure."

  Baru, director of the Institute of Genetics at University College London, said that this new variant is likely to be produced in people with weakened immune functions, who carry the virus for longer than normal people.

  On the 25th local time, in view of the discovery of this new variant in South Africa, the British government announced that it would temporarily ban flights from South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

  British Health Secretary Javid said that the travel restrictions for these six countries will take effect at noon on the 26th local time. These countries will be included in the British red alert list, flights will be temporarily suspended, and all British citizens will be required to travel in hotels upon arrival. isolation.

  In addition, Israel has also suspended flights from South Africa and its five neighboring countries, and travel restrictions also include Mozambique.