United States: Wirecutter chooses Black Friday to strike

Wirecutter is a product review and recommendation site owned by the very prestigious American newspaper New York Times.

Wirecutter employees have chosen Black Friday 2021 to strike.

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Today is Black Friday, an institution in the United States, and copied around the world, the opportunity for consumers to buy cheaper products a few weeks before the end of the year holidays - and for the big brands to achieve significant turnover.

And it is this moment of the commercial promotions that the employees of Wirecutter chose to strike. 


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This product review and recommendation site belongs to the very prestigious American newspaper

New York Time

s and some of its journalists openly revolt against their employer to express their solidarity with Wirecutter colleagues.

For each product purchased through the link presented by the Wirecutter site, The

New York Times

receives a percentage of the transaction amount.

And precisely, to preserve this important source of income, the newspaper's management decided to bypass the strike by recruiting non-unionized employees.

This is denounced not only by Wirecutter staff representatives, but also by certain journalists from the

New York Times

who posted appeals on social networks, urging consumers not to click on products recommended in Wirecutter's list.

According to the union of Wirecutter employees, the strike is supposed to last until next Monday.

Salary negotiations have been deadlocked for two years.

Employees are demanding a hike in the minimum wage and an annual increase of 2.5%, while the management of the

New York Times

wants to concede only 1%.

The union believes this is not enough given Wirecutter's financial importance to The

New York Times

We are on strike!

Don't cross the digital picket line, now through November 29th.

Sign up here to be kept up to date on our progress: https://t.co/sLOVFbdbZK pic.twitter.com/dPeIuc57Rt

- Wirecutter Union (@wirecutterunion) November 25, 2021


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