Olivier Poels, edited by Ugo Pascolo 5:54 p.m., November 25, 2021

The cordon bleu of Europe 1, Olivier Poels, gives you his secrets to making an "egg mayo" according to the rules of the art.

From the quality of the egg to the cooking time to the terrible question of mustard in mayonnaise, the specialist will make you an expert. 

Egg mayonnaise is one of the classics of the bistro, and of French gastronomy.

Appearing very simple, even simplistic, it is not so easy to make a good "egg mayo", according to the specialist of the European fork 1, Olivier Poels.

But don't panic, the one who also officiates in Laurent Mariotte's "La table des bons vivants" on weekends, reveals his secrets to becoming a specialist in egg mayonnaise.

"8 minutes and 40 seconds" to cook an egg, not one more

As always in the kitchen, the quality of the products is an essential factor to have a good result. "Between a chicken egg, raised in cages on the ground and malnourished, and a farm egg, there is no photo," recalls the cordon bleu of the station. Then, cooking is very important: "8 minutes and 40 seconds exactly. Then, you immerse them in a large bowl of very cold water and lightly vinegar to stop the cooking. Because otherwise there is thermal inertia. "

Now that you know everything about the egg and its cooking, it's time for the mayonnaise.

And things get tough from the start: should you add mustard?

"No, in his first edition of the reference book, the great chef Auguste Escoffier does not use any. But frankly, for the taste, we can go beyond this little rule. It is always better a mayonnaise with a touch of mustard ", judge Olivier Poels.

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Mustard in your mayonnaise? 

You can therefore slowly add a spoonful of mustard to your egg yolk and your oil to make your mayonnaise. Moreover, "we immediately forget the urban legend which says that all the ingredients must be at the same temperature: mayonnaise is an emulsion whose only secret lies in the speed of incorporation," says the columnist. Once your eggs are cooked, and your mayonnaise ready, the hard part is behind you. You just have to cut them in half to put a little mayonnaise in them.

But "you can also have fun twisting it with a little spice in the mayonnaise, a little drop of coffee, or even wasabi".

And if you are looking for even more inspiration, Olivier Poels reminds you that the éditions du Recherches midi have just published a book that offers 49 egg mayonnaise recipes from top chefs.