Louis de Raguenel 8:06 am, November 25, 2021

Twenty-seven migrants died in the sinking of a boat off Calais on Wednesday as they tried to reach Britain.

This tragedy, described as a "tragedy" by Prime Minister Jean Castex, is the deadliest since the flight in 2018 in migratory crossings through the Channel.

Five months before the presidential election, the executive must therefore find solutions.


At least 27 migrants lost their lives Wednesday in the sinking of their boat off Calais, trying to reach England.

"France will not let the Channel become a cemetery", reacted Emmanuel Macron after this tragedy, asking for the "immediate strengthening of the resources of the Frontex agency at the external borders" of the EU and calling for an emergency meeting of ministers countries affected by the migration problem.

After this tragedy, the executive therefore rose to the front line and tried to find a solution five months before the presidential election.

As proof, an interministerial meeting is scheduled for 8:30 am Thursday morning in Matignon. 

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Because despite the government's efforts against illegal immigration, it is a very bad record: as of November 20, 31,500 migrants have left the Channel coast since the start of the year.

As a prefect explains, there is a real political risk that Calais will become the new Lampedusa.

Or quite a symbol. 

"To put the English face to face with their responsibilities"

Xavier Bertrand is also increasing the attacks against the weakness of Emmanuel Macron with the British government, which refuses to honor its promise of 62.7 million euros to help France fight against immigration.

The president of Hauts-de-France also wants to question the Touquet agreements, which stipulate in particular that the Franco-British border is at Calais.


- Migrants shipwrecked off Calais: "It could only happen!"

For his part, Eric Ciotti denounces the absurdity of the government's policy which, on the one hand, allows migrants to enter the Franco-Italian and Franco-Spanish border and which, on the other, complains of seeing them on the along the Channel coast.

So after the fishermen's crisis in the United Kingdom, Emmanuel Macron knows that he no longer has the right to make mistakes.

One of his relatives confided to Europe 1: "He must confront the English with their responsibilities and demand a real commitment from them".

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with the head of state on Thursday evening.

Paris and London say they want to work together to fight against smuggling networks.