• Olivier Véran announced on Thursday new measures to deal with the fifth wave of coronavirus.

  • The Minister of Health in particular extended the vaccination booster to all people over the age of 18 and increased the pressure on the unvaccinated.

  • The government's objective is to stem this new wave and save the holiday season.

“The virus is circulating again, quickly, and everywhere.

The government drew new measures on Thursday in an attempt to stem the epidemic resumption.

“Yes, France is experiencing a fifth wave.

This wave will undoubtedly be stronger, longer than that which occurred this summer, ”warned Olivier Véran during a press briefing at midday.

The health minister said the executive was not considering lockdown or curfew at this stage.

“We can pass this wave without resorting to the most restrictive tools, if we know how to use the cards we have in hand.


The executive therefore unveiled its game so that the country can hope to spend the end of the year celebrations in good conditions: a vaccination booster for all people over 18 years old, a tough health pass and increased pressure on the unvaccinated.

"Save the holidays, that's the goal"

Faced with the rapid increase in the number of cases for several days, and a peak of 32,591 new infections on Wednesday - the highest reached since April 24 - the government is toughening the rules.

At one month of Christmas, the schedule promises to be tight.

“Saving the holidays is the goal.

Hospital pressure is not alarming either, so we insist on levers already known, explains Anne Genetet, Member of the French Abroad, spokesperson for the LREM group and doctor by training.

The first is to insist on barrier gestures, which are no longer always respected, such as the declining sales of masks or hydroalcoholic gel.


The mask thus becomes compulsory again “everywhere indoors” in places open to the public, including where the health pass is requested (restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, etc.).

"The prefects will also be empowered to make it compulsory to wear a mask for outdoor events, such as for example Christmas markets", which will be subject to the health pass, "or flea markets," said Olivier Véran.

Even greater pressure on the unvaccinated

Another “card” played by the government: the third vaccine dose extended to all French adults, five months after their last injection. “If we know a situation less serious than other countries, it is thanks to the health pass, which had a strong impact on vaccination. It is the pass that allowed us to pass the fourth wave correctly, ”says Sacha Houlié, LREM deputy from Vienna. “To contain the epidemic and have a good holiday, we have to go up a notch. »From December 15 for those over 65 and from January 15 for those aged 18-64, the recall will therefore be made compulsory, seven months maximum after the last injection, so that the QR code remains valid.

The government is also toughening its tone even further against the unvaccinated. For the latter, the validity period of PCR and antigen tests is reduced to 24 hours, compared to 72 hours previously. "It is, once again, an extremely strong incentive for vaccination, which allows effective protection against serious forms of the virus," recalls Anne Genetet.

As soon as these last measures announced, appointments have exploded.

Access to the Doctolib site was thus subject to a long waiting time.

“Logistics is the main challenge ahead, but we have overcome it in the past.

We are going to rearm vaccinodromes and draw on the fabric of city doctors, ”explains Sacha Houlié.

The Minister of Health, for his part, tried to reassure: “During the next two months, everyone may have been vaccinated in due form.



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