• Camorra ambush in Torre Annunziata: a convict killed in the street

  • Camorra, two clans hit in the Neapolitan area: 26 arrests

  • Camorra: Vincenzo Di Palma fugitive affiliated with the D'Alessandro clan arrested


November 25, 2021 Two of the five injured in the Camorra ambush in Arzano, in the Neapolitan area, are in serious condition. Gunmen last night fired inside the Roxy bar at around 8 pm. Their target, Salvatore Petrillo, grandson

of the Arzano boss, Pasquale Cristiano. The 29-year-old, under special surveillance, was transported to the Giugliano hospital on a confidential and life-threatening prognosis. The killers hit him several times, reaching different parts of his body.

Beside him there was also Vincenzo Pio Merolla, born in Naples, 18, with a clean record, also transported to the hospital in Giugliano, in danger of life, for the investigators one of the boss's 'guaglioni'.

Luigi Casola, 39, is in the Acerra hospital, wounded in the leg.

He too, like the other injured Roberto Lastra, 27, from Arzano, with a clean record, and believed to be close to the gang of 167 (from the name of the homonymous social housing complex).

Finally, an innocent victim of the raid, Mario Abate, a 61-year-old plumber from Arzano, wounded in the foot and treated at the Pozzuoli hospital.

He was in the bar for a beer after a day's work and when the killers entered he had the readiness, like the owner of the place, to get down and hide behind a table.