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reason the sentence was significantly reduced compared to the first trial in the appeals trial is because, as you have heard, the court found not guilty of violating the Anti-Corruption Act.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung took a closer look at what changed from the first trial judgment.


The real estate owned by people around former lawmaker Sohn Hye-won, revealed by the prosecution's investigation, is 26 lots of land and 21 buildings.

Prosecutors sent it to trial, claiming that former lawmaker Sohn used the secret he learned while working as a public official to gain property benefits. decreased.

First, the first and second trial courts did not accept Son's claim that the business plan was not confidential.

However, the second trial judge saw that former lawmaker Sohn had been interested in local real estate and decided to buy it.

You can't conclude that you bought the property just because you got confidential data.

We are told that there were three real estate purchases prior to the acquisition of the data.

Rep. Son also argued this, and has emphasized that it was purely for the purpose of utilizing Mokpo's modern cultural heritage.

However, the first instance court made a different decision earlier.

Although the intention was pure, it is also acknowledged that they expected economic benefits from the rise in market price.

He also pointed out that former lawmaker Son committed serious corruption that greatly damaged public trust in public officials.

The two courts made different decisions on the same facts.

Former lawmaker Sohn bought Mokpo Changsang under a borrowed name and introduced it as an excellent case by emphasizing support for accommodation establishments in the National Assembly. it has become

(Video editing: Park Ki-duk)

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