China News Agency, Hefei, November 24 (Reporter Qiang Zhao) The "Huizhou Culture" research camp for Taiwanese college students opened on the 24th in 2021. Teachers and students from Taiwan Ming Chuan University and Hefei Normal University gathered in the cloud to participate in the opening camp. ceremony.

  According to reports, the theme of this research camp is "Anhui and Taiwan University students experience Huizhou culture and share their affection-Ming Chuan's kinship in Feixi Xing". It is hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Anhui Province, Hefei Normal University and Taiwan Ming Chuan University.

Participants will focus on the cultural heritage of the same root and the same origin on both sides of the strait, and start a journey of in-depth understanding of Liu Mingchuan and exploring Huizhou culture online.

  Hefei Normal University Party Secretary Xu Chenggang said: "Since our school and Taiwan Ming Chuan University established a friendly and cooperative relationship in August 2010, exchanges have continued to deepen, cooperation has continued to expand, and the Anhui Education Center has been built; and the four Anhui-Taiwan Foundations have been jointly held. Education Forum, the forum was listed as a key cross-strait cooperation project of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council; in September 2015, the Liu Ming Chuan College jointly established by the two universities was officially inaugurated. Since 2017, our school has successively hosted 4 sessions of Taiwanese college students’ Hui Culture In the camp, we will explore Huizhou culture together with the teachers and students of Ming Chuan University, and we will continue to share our love with Ming Chuan University."

  Zhang Shengli, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Anhui Province, said that as a son and daughter of Jianghuai, Liu Mingchuan was Taiwan's first governor. He has made outstanding contributions to Taiwan's construction and development and has important influence on both sides of the strait.

As a famous brand of communication between Anhui and Taiwan, Ming Chuan has gained wide attention in both places. Ming Chuan kinship and Ming Chuan love have become an important platform for communication between Anhui and Taiwan, in order to promote exchanges and cooperation between Anhui and Taiwan and people-to-people bonds. , Is playing an increasingly important role as a bridge and link.

  Shen Peiti, president of Mingchuan University, said that Mingchuan University and Hefei Normal University began their exchanges in 2010 and have had 11 years of cooperation so far.

Ming Chuan University and Anhui Province have always had frequent exchanges. Since 2013, the Anhui Provincial Office of Taiwan Affairs has initiated an Hui culture research camp, which is handled by universities in Anhui Province in turn, and Ming Chuan University organizes delegations every year.

"It is a pity that due to the impact of the epidemic, physical exchanges cannot be conducted at this event. I hope to use online research activities to arrange wonderful research courses and continue the cooperation between the two schools."

  According to reports, in recent years, Anhui Province has attached great importance to exchanges with Taiwan and actively created conditions to promote exchanges and exchanges in various fields between Anhui and Taiwan. Up to now, the province has overcome the adverse effects of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and has organized and completed summer camps for young students in Taiwan. There were more than 40 events such as cloud exchanges among universities in Anhui and Taiwan, and nearly 1,000 Taiwanese compatriots took the initiative to participate.