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A man in his 40s who was taken to a mortuary after being declared dead in India is a topic of discussion.

According to the Times of India, an Indian media outlet on the 21st local time, an electrician, Mr. Srikesh Kumar (45), was in critical condition in a motorcycle accident in Moradabad, east of New Delhi, India on the 19th.

Kumar was taken to the hospital, but was soon declared dead, and the hospital placed the deceased Kumar in a mortuary.

Local police also informed Kumar's family of the death.

Kumar's family, who arrived about six hours later, carried out paperwork for confirmation of death and an autopsy, and also moved Kumar's body out of the mortuary.

At that time, Mr. Kumar's sister-in-law, Madhubala, caught movement on the body.

"Kumar isn't dead, he wants to say something, he's breathing," Bala said.

Kumar, who was declared dead, was still alive.

The hospital's chief medical officer explained, "Emergency medical staff saw the patient around 3 am, but Kumar's heart was not beating."

"This is one of the rarest cases. It's not our fault," he said.

The hospital doctor, who requested anonymity, said, "According to the guidelines, the body should be kept in the freezer to prevent decay. The ideal temperature is 10 degrees or less, but the freezer was switched on and off due to a power problem, and this seems to have saved Kumar's life." I guessed.

Meanwhile, Kumar is said to be receiving treatment at a medical center without regaining consciousness.

"According to the medical staff, the brother-in-law is out of danger," said Valla, who discovered the movement of his brother-in-law, who he thought had died dramatically. .

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