A Myanmar military company has filed a petition with the court to liquidate a beer company that is jointly operated with a major beer maker, Kirin Holdings.

Kirin is confirming the facts, but the future of the local business is becoming more uncertain.

Kirin operates a beer company locally in a joint venture with "Myanmar Economic Holdings", which is a major conglomerate in Myanmar and manages pensions for military personnel. In response, we have been negotiating with the policy of canceling the alliance.

In response, the joint venture partner, "Myanmar Economic Holdings," filed a liquidation of the beer company with the court, and the public notice was published in the national newspaper dated 22nd.

It is said that the allegations will be heard in the local court in the future.

Kirin says it will proceed to confirm the facts.

Kirin has stated that it plans to dissolve the alliance with companies related to the military, while it has indicated that it will continue its local business, but it may be forced to change its policy depending on the future of the trial. The future of the business is becoming more uncertain.