The department is "ridiculous" and the masses are "sorrowful and tearful"

  Banyue talks reporter Ren Weidong/Wang Peng

  In July this year, a residential building in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province had no access to natural gas for 12 years. In the "I Do Practical Work for the Masses" action, it was finally resolved by "upgrading the handling of cases".

Although it is a good thing, it has also led to widespread thinking: Why do some people's livelihood "small" things become protracted "psoriasis"?

The difference between 12 years and two days lies in the "government care"

  "Our 12-year-old problem of having no access to natural gas has finally been solved!" Seeing the blue flames from the gas stove, 65-year-old Ms. Jiang said repeatedly.

Ms. Jiang is a resident of No. 19, Railway Station East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City.

Since moving in in 2009, the residential building has not been supplied with natural gas.

In the past 12 years, many residents have to carry gas tanks to inflate 1 km away.

In order to be able to ventilate, residents only went to the gas company to report their demands and no fewer than 60 trips in the past four years.

  Residents Ms. Liu and Ms. Jiang said that when they reported to Gansu PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "gas company") in 2009, they got the answer that building 19 was ventilated after the occupancy rate reached 70%.

After the occupancy rate reached the standard in 2016, the residents received the response from the gas company that "the gas meter has expired, and the meter can only be ventilated with a new one."

"The gas meter that has not been used for a day has expired!" Although many residents were puzzled, each household paid 940 yuan for a new meter in order to ventilate as soon as possible.

  Resident Mr. Zhao said that just when everyone was looking forward to paying the money, the staff of the gas company discovered that a cable with a voltage of 10,000 volts suddenly emerged from the gas pipeline well of Building 19.

Due to major safety hazards, ventilation was put on hold.

To figure out where the cable came from, the residents spent another two years.

There is evidence that this cable belongs to the Lanzhou Branch of China Broadcasting and Television Gansu Network Co., Ltd. (referred to as the "Broad and Television Network Company"), but the company refused to relocate the cable on the grounds that the cost of relocating the cable was too high.

  In July 2019, residents had no choice but to report their demands to the Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Letters and Calls. Since the companies involved are all provincial enterprises, the Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Letters and Calls has coordinated many times, but has not received a response.

Residents also reported to the Gansu Provincial Bureau of Letters and Calls that the Bureau of Letters and Calls of Gansu Province has also coordinated many times and still has not made substantial progress.

In this year's "I Do Practical Work for the Masses" activity, the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government passed "upgraded handling of cases" to investigate the crux of the people's desperate problems in the process of resolving accumulative complaints and visits.

The departments concerned solved this 12-year-long problem in just two days.

The people's livelihood lawsuit that lie to win, lose in the department "ridiculous"

  The staff handling the case listened to the demands of the residents of Building 19, and were deeply puzzled: “This dispute should be won by lying down. How could it be delayed for so long?” According to the Gansu Provincial Bureau of Letters and Calls, this “upgrade the case” Resolving accumulative complaints and visits is also dissecting the sparrow and studying the crux of the people's sense of happiness and security.

  ——If you can't hold the masses in your heart, your eyes are all "sesame seeds".

The reporter from Banyue Tan visited a number of companies involved, and all of them believed that "this matter is not big and simple."

But when the reporter asked why the matter was not big, simple, and why it was too long, the reply was silent.

A cadre said that the residents' demands have been unsuccessful for many years, highlighting that the relevant grassroots departments do not pay attention to the reasonable demands and legitimate interests of the masses.

The Gansu Provincial Bureau of Letters and Calls combed through more than 2,000 letters and visits that have been resolved this year and found that some of the old problems that "don't want to manage, don't manage, dare not manage" are rooted in the low awareness of the people in the relevant departments at the grassroots level, and they are not really people-centered.

  ——It is difficult to coordinate and coordinate, and it is difficult to blow the whistle at the grassroots level.

"The community has held several joint meetings to resolve the issue. There have been no fewer than 6 joint meetings since last year." said Ms. Wang, a staff member of the community committee of the station community in the railway station street, Chengguan District, Lanzhou. Companies, radio and television network companies, developers and many other departments have failed to coordinate several times. The communities and streets are full of "powerlessness" in solving this problem.

Even if the grassroots "blow the whistle" and the department reports, the problem remains unresolved.

  ——The department casually "absurd," and the masses have "sorrowful tears".

The reporter from Banyue Tan asked the gas company about the occupancy rate reported by the residents. The company's customer service center responded that the gas company did not have regulations on occupancy rates that meet the standard.

The reporter asked the Broadcasting and Television Network Company why the cable occupied the gas pipeline well. The company initially responded that this matter should be the responsibility of the power supply department and the gas company, but later responded that it was unclear.

The casual "ridiculous remarks" of the relevant departments eventually brought in "sorrowful tears" from the masses.

Grassroots governance, problem resolution is the key at the grassroots level

  Some interviewed cadres believe that to improve grassroots governance and promote the "Maple Bridge Experience" of the new era, it is also necessary to break through the "blocking points" that the grassroots whistle blows but not sound, to account for the "chaotic points" of the relevant departments, and to eliminate security and society. "Blind spots" in governance issues.

  -Use the "Party Organization Suggestions" to break through the "blocking points" where the grassroots whistle blows but does not sound.

The interviewed cadres suggested that a basic-level party organization should take the lead in sorting out the list of issues and coordinating the handling of issues.

The grass-roots party organization takes the lead, through grass-roots whistle blowing and departmental reports, to realize the "one list" of the problem list and solve the problem "a clear".

Some cadres suggested that, based on the procuratorial recommendations of the procuratorial organ, the basic party organization would issue a party organization proposal to the departments that did not do well and buckle, and the departments that did not do well in rectification within a time limit would be transferred to the higher-level party committee for accountability.

  —— A sound accountability and accountability mechanism will be used to account for the "disorderly points" of the relevant departments.

According to the staff handling this case, although the problem of gas incombustibility in Building 19 has been solved, it is still an "open case" as to why the cables occupy the magpie's nest, and the responsibility for the "burial of mines" for hidden safety hazards has not been investigated.

A cadre involved in the case analyzed that it is necessary to establish a traceability mechanism for potential safety hazards, and do a good job in identifying and sorting out, reporting, summarizing, warning, and canceling the source of potential safety hazards.

Regarding the illegal issues in this case, the responsibilities should be investigated and held accountable.

  —— Eliminate the "blind spots" of security and social governance issues with "upgrade handling of cases."

Resident Ms. Jiang introduced that the “upgrade handling of cases” not only solved the problem of residents not having access to natural gas, but also the problem of the residents of Building 19 without real estate certificates. This problem was resolved by the relevant departments.

The grass-roots cadres interviewed suggested that Gansu’s “upgraded case handling” mechanism could be used to track the effects of “basic whistle blowing and department reporting”, to supervise the implementation of responsibilities, work progress, and resolution quality, so as to effectively improve grassroots governance.