• Super green pass, vaccination obligation and third doses: these are the measures under consideration by the government

  • Green pass on buses and metro, transport unions: impossible controls

  • The pandemic accelerates, Europe between lockdown and green pass

  • Brunetta: "Strengthen the green pass by excluding the unvaccinated from certain social activities"


November 22, 2021 The administration of the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine for the over-40s officially opens today in Italy, while the pressure of Regions and scientists on the government increases to accelerate the reinforced green pass. And an initial response arrives from the government regarding the hypothesis of limiting movement and travel to the unvaccinated. "It is right to reflect, in case there is a passage in orange, instead of closing the activities, to give the possibility to those who have been vaccinated to have some more freedom than those who voluntarily decided not to get vaccinated . I would not speak of lockdowns for no vax, but if there were to be a worsening, such as the transition to orange of some Regions, the closures and restrictions must not be paid for by the vaccinated: guarantee the unvaccinatedaccess to work and basic needs, but certain activities such as going to a restaurant, cinema or theater, with a worsening of these activities should be reserved for the vaccinated ".

Thus the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa on Tg2 Italia on Rai 2. "From this week a journey with the Regions will begin, the government has always been fully available for dialogue. The reflection we must make - he continued - is that so if there were to be a passage of a Region in orange color, given restrictions and closures, we can no longer afford to close those activities that have suffered so much, especially if over 45 million citizens have been vaccinated ".

For Costa "the next few weeks must be faced with a great sense of responsibility, on the third dose and respecting the minimum rules that are now part of our daily lives. We are in a positive condition to manage the pandemic but we cannot afford to let our guard down and prejudice when done. in two years ".

"Green pass duration 9 months? We rely on science"

"Politics will rely on scientific evidence for the duration of the green pass. Every day a decrease in immunity seems to be highlighted among those who are vaccinated, therefore shift the duration from 12 to 9 months will be a choice that politics will make on the basis of the indications of our technical-scientific committee ".

Third dose obligation for health professionals, decision during the week

"The choices will be made reasonably already this week: there is talk, and I believe it will be the final choice, of providing for the obligation of a third dose for all citizens for whom the vaccination obligation is foreseen: it is a logical consequence and a good decision. sense ", then announces the Undersecretary for Health. 

Gelmini: "We need to speed up on the third doses. A short meeting with the Regions"

"Soon", during the week, there will be a meeting with the Regions asking for greater restrictions on non-vaccinated people, but "we have already made the choices on the green pass, it is clear whether the CTS will ask to review it. or maybe shorten the duration, we will always follow the indications of science ". This was stated by the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Mariastella Gelmini, on the sidelines of the inauguration of Made Expo, the reference fair for the design, building and construction sector, which opens its doors today at Fiera Milano in Rho.

"I believe that we must run on the third dose, we must not delay. Today we have a few weeks ahead of other countries and therefore the advice that the government gives is to accelerate on the third dose", stressed the minister. "It is no coincidence - he added - from the end of November it will be possible to do this also for the over 40s. Therefore, we must know that the pandemic has not yet passed. We need to use the tools we have and the vaccine is the only weapon we have. we have to fight the virus ". Then he added: "In other countries the situation is much worse than the Italian one. It depends on us, not only on politics or on the behavior that is put in place. The vast majority have chosen to have faith in science,he has chosen to get vaccinated and this is allowing the country to remain open. It is clear that the government will do everything to not close and to defend the spaces of freedom, which are the result of the sacrifices of the Italians. The problem is not only health, but also economic recovery. Blocking the country would mean hindering economic recovery and the government cannot allow this ".

Manfredi: "Strengthening the green pass, an extreme solution obligation"

The vaccination obligation "is the extreme solution, possibly this decision can also be taken but I am in favor of strengthening the use of the green pass because this pushes people to get vaccinated".

Thus the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, guest of Rainews24.

"Then, if the situation becomes excessively difficult, one can resort to compulsory vaccination, which is certainly necessary for doctors and teachers and for all those who have a very close relationship with the community", concluded the former minister.