China News Service, Jinjiang, Fujian, November 22 (Reporter Hong Sun) "My feelings for Xibian Village are derived from the deep love of my parents for my hometown and a grateful heart." Member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Macau Fujian Association This is what Xu Jiankang, the chairman and chairman of the board of directors of Baolong Group, said in his hometown of Jinjiang, Fujian.

Mr. Xu Jiankang, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Powerlong Group, delivered a speech.

Photo by Sun Hong

  After 5 years of polishing, the rural revitalization work of Xibian Village, Anhai Town, Jinjiang, Fujian ushered in the first batch of results on the 21st: the completion of the Xibian Ecological Park and the Nengqin Park, the improvement of the appearance of the village and the living environment, and the renovation of old houses. Residential buildings are delivered, the book collection building and art gallery are opened, the village-enterprise cooperation company Baowang Metal profit sharing, the high-standard leisure and pastoral complex opens, and the Jingzhu Education Fund awards...

  Xibian Village is the hometown of Mr. Xu Jiankang.

In the past, the village's infrastructure was backward and lack of pillar industries, and the villagers were plagued by problems such as dilapidated houses, impassable roads, rubbish everywhere, and lack of leisure activities.

  Xu Jiankang, who has always been concerned about the development of his hometown, has donated 100 million yuan (RMB, the same below) through the China Guangcai Business Foundation in 2016 in order to change the living environment of the villagers and help the village achieve “precise poverty alleviation” to support Xibian The beautiful village construction project and the implementation of sustainable development projects, and another additional donation of 25 million yuan in 2019.

  According to Zhang Wenxian, Secretary of the Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Xu Jiankang donated 125 million yuan to support the construction of a new rural village in Xibian, and not only built a series of “benefit projects” such as villagers’ single-family houses, library buildings, art museums, Nengqin Park, and Xibian Park. It has also created "hematopoiesis" projects such as farming and leisure tourism, Baowang Metals, and the Village Union Station, which drove the villagers to get rich together, and created a new model and new model of common prosperity and rural revitalization.

One side of the pond is rippling with blue waves, and Nengqin Park is full of greenery.

Photo by Sun Hong

  In the past 5 years, the "stone house" by the stream has been transformed into a small villa, which has long since changed its old appearance.

Forty-five households of villagers received the keys to the single-family house and moved happily into a happy new home.

The total construction area of ​​these 45 three-story single-family houses is about 13,500 square meters. The architectural design is based on the local reality and features the southern Fujian style, taking into account the housing needs of the villagers.

After 5 years of polishing, the "stone house" by the stream has been transformed into a small villa, which has long since changed its old appearance.

Photo by Sun Hong

  In addition, the high-level resettlement community under construction by the stream will solve the problems of resettlement of villagers in the reconstruction area and the living difficulties of other villagers.

  A side of the pond is rippling with blue waves, strolling in the park, where you can see the greenery. This beautiful landscape painting is located in the Nengqin Park, which covers an area of ​​19 acres, by the stream.

Nengqin Park is named after Xu Jiankang's mother, with the ancestral hall as the core, integrating the Xu family's ancestral hall, nursing home, temple, public hall, bookstore and bookstore building into a streamside cultural living room.

  With art galleries, kindergartens, bookstores, etc., children in Xibian Village can receive a good education and experience cultural influence from an early age, and the village is no longer a cultural desert. The revitalization of the village has the deepest confidence and support.

  "Individual power is limited after all. The change of the face of the hometown must rely on the power of everyone as a whole." Xu Jiankang told a reporter from China News Agency that his greatest wish is to hope that the villagers will change their old ideas and establish a The new fashion, with diligent hands and wisdom, jointly build a more civilized, prosperous and beautiful new stream.

  In the eyes of Li Jiarong, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, "The development and changes of the natural village in Xibian are a true portrayal of Fujian businessmen’s love for their ancestors and their hometowns and giving back to Sangzi. Typical model."

  "We look forward to having more sages like Xu Jiankang who will devote themselves to rural construction, help rural revitalization, and turn the'most beautiful nostalgia' into the'most beautiful home'." Zhang Wenxian said.