• Covid, Fedriga: "Measures as soon as possible, give businesses certainty"

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November 21, 2021

In the face of the fourth wave of Covid that is scourging Europe, the government is preparing to make decisions and take measures, even unpopular, to avoid closures in the face of the foreseeable change in color of some regions.

"This week a journey will begin with the Regions: we will begin a discussion to reach a sharing on how to possibly manage the situation if there should be a further worsening of the epidemic situation", said today Undersecretary for Health, Andrea Costa, to Tgcom24, underlining the need for "a large institutional unit". "Fortunately - he explained - the situation in Italy is very different: a prudent path has been chosen to return to normality and there has been great adherence to vaccination anyway. It is clear that we must act with new initiatives and, for example, the 'obligation of the third dose for the categories for which the vaccination obligation is already foreseen I think it is a measure that will be approved this week ". "Instead, we await an indication from the CTS - he added - to understand if it is appropriate to anticipate the third dose to 5 months from the completion of the primary cycle ". Also the choice to" bring the duration of the green pass back to nine months - concluded Costa - I think it is reasonable choice based on scientific evidence ".

"We will propose to the government to choose as soon as possible measures that can favor vaccinations, guaranteeing in case of passage of the zone the possibility of overcoming those restrictions for people who have been vaccinated", thus trying to "convince even the last undecided" , and "to give certainty to companies, to which we cannot tell, let's see in which area you will be and whether you will keep open or not '" said, today at half an hour more on Rai3, the president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga.

Next week, therefore, first a meeting with the Regions, at the latest by Tuesday, then a control room to make a summary and, finally, the Council of Ministers will dictate the new rules on green pass, vaccine obligation and third doses.Let's see in detail.

Super Green Pass

Practically all Regions ask for it, worries about the hypothesis of new closures. A certificate that will only be valid for people vaccinated or cured of Covid, and which will effectively prevent those who do not want to vaccinate from entering bars, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, cinemas, theaters, discos and stadiums. A measure that does not want to punish, several executive ministers (in the past few hours the holder of the PA, Brunetta) have clarified for some time, but that wants to spare the vaccinated. The introduction could come in early December. The adoption of the super green certificate on public transport is more difficult due to controls, as the unions underlined today. For now, the Super Green Pass is not about workplaces.

The duration of the Green pass is moving towards the reduction of validity to 9 months, instead of 12, to mitigate the possible risks of the decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines over time.

Vaccination obligation

It seems established that the certificate is compulsory for some categories, starting with doctors and health personnel but also law enforcement and teachers.

For now, no obligation for everyone, but it will depend on the evolution of the pandemic.

Third doses

From Monday, even the over 40s begin to be administered. The Italians who have already received the "booster" dose are about 4 million.

The government is studying the reduction from 6 to 5 months for recalls.