China News Service, November 21, reported that November 20 is the 79th birthday of U.S. President Biden. Biden became the first U.S. President who has reached the age of 79 during his tenure.

Former US President Barack Obama also posted on social media wishing Biden a happy birthday.

On November 19, local time, US President Biden accepted the first annual routine medical examination during his term.

The White House doctor said that Biden is in good health and fit to perform his presidential duties.

The picture shows Biden attending an event at the White House that afternoon.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

  According to reports, Biden spent a quiet Saturday at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, celebrating his 79th birthday.

  When Biden was sworn in as President of the United States in January this year, he became the oldest president of the White House at the age of 78.

As he celebrated his 79th birthday, he once again set the record for the oldest serving president in the history of the United States. He also became the first president to be 79 years old during his tenure.

  US media said that the day before his 79th birthday, President Biden underwent a routine medical examination.

The White House doctor said that Biden is in good health and can successfully perform his duties as president.

  But as half of the registered voters expressed concerns about Biden's physical and mental health, speculation that he might not run for re-election is increasing.

Former US President Barack Obama tweeted to wish Biden a happy birthday.

Image source: Screenshot of Obama's Twitter

  On the occasion of Biden’s birthday, former US President Barack Obama also posted on social media Twitter, “Happy birthday to my friends and brothers, @POTUS!” Obama and Biden have worked together for many years in their political careers. Served as Vice President during his eight years in power.

  Obama also took this opportunity to emphasize that the infrastructure bill passed by the two parties is seen as a major victory for the Biden administration.

He said: "Thank you for providing us with better infrastructure. Thank you for everything you have done to rebuild this country better."

  It is reported that Biden passed the infrastructure bill with the support of some Republicans. Now he has turned his attention to the "Build Back Better Act" (Build Back Better Act) that expands social spending.

The bill represents a core part of Biden's policy agenda, and it is also an attempt by Democrats in Congress to act alone without Republican support.