India: will the opposition profit from the withdrawal of the three agricultural liberalization laws?

Farmer protest in New Delhi (illustrative image).

These have been clear from the start: their demonstration is peasant, and non-partisan.


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In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced yesterday, Friday, November 19, that he was going to withdraw the three agricultural liberalization laws, which thousands of peasants have opposed for a year and a half.

It is an unprecedented about-face for the nationalist government and the opposition thus benefits from this defeat.


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With our correspondent in India,

Sébastien Farcis

The farmers had been clear from the start: their demonstration is peasant, and not partisan.

They had therefore accepted the ideological support of the opposition, but never let their leaders get on their platforms so as not to be recovered.

However, today, this complete withdrawal from the reform by the government benefits the main opposition party, Congress, on the eve of five regional elections to be held from February 2022.

The arrogance of the BJP has ended


For Randeep Surjewala, Congress spokesman, “ 

the arrogance of the BJP party and the Prime Minister has ended, and they have had to bow to the farmers.

But the country will not forget their sins.

The people have now understood that the victory of the Indians and India is part of the defeat of the BJP. 


Punjab and Uttar Pradesh  

The main fight will be held in the two states of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

The Congress rules the Punjab, and could keep it because it is the epicenter of the peasant protest.

But the huge state of Uttar Pradesh, ruled by the Hindu BJP, will be very difficult to conquer, especially without being able to capitalize on the anger around these three now withdrawn laws.

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