China News Online, November 20 (Chen Jing, Chen Xiaqiong, Xiao Xin) Plasma cell mastitis is a non-bacterial breast inflammation. Because its clinical cause is not clear, it is easy to be misdiagnosed and missed. The entire breast is affected.

  Tao Yingna, the sixth-generation successor of "Gu's Surgery" and director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Fourth People's Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, told reporters on the 20th that the golden cream (powder) and Qingdai cream (powder) were applied externally to clear away heat and reduce swelling. , Combined with external treatment methods such as multi-point small incision surgery, can protect the breast tissue to the greatest extent without affecting the appearance of the breast, and greatly increase the success rate of curing non-lactating mastitis patients.

  The Chinese medicine expert told reporters that among the more than 1,000 patients treated by his team, the cure rate was 99.7% and the recurrence rate was 3.27%.

This data is higher than the 55.5%-72% cure rate that has been reported in the domestic literature.

The milk formula developed by his team has obtained the national invention patent authorization.

  Tao Yingna told reporters that plasma cell mastitis is a type of non-lactating mastitis and a special type of breast inflammatory disease.

The etiology and pathogenesis of the disease are still unclear. At present, antibiotics and hormones are the main treatments, but the curative effect is not good and it is easy to relapse.

Surgical treatment is mainly based on simple breast resection, but unilateral breast resection is very traumatic, which affects breastfeeding and physical and mental health.

  The expert told reporters that most patients have congenital nipple depressions, and they often come to see a doctor because of areola lumps.

After the swelling is ulcerated, the pus contains lipid-like substances, which easily recurs and forms sinus tracts, which are difficult to heal for a long time.

The disease has serious damage to breast morphology, and often needs to be differentiated from breast cancer. Failure to treat and wrong treatment can affect the entire breast, which can greatly affect the quality of life of the patient.

  Tao Yingna shared a case with reporters during an interview.

At the beginning of June this year, Ms. Wu was just over halfway through her pregnancy, and her breasts suddenly became red and swollen. The white blood cells and other infection indicators also rose sharply, and the pain was unbearable.

When she went to Tao Yingna for treatment, Ms. Wu's breast had tripled its original size, and her breasts were red, swollen, hot and painful.

She moved to many hospitals, all due to her pregnancy status and complicated diseases, so she was told by doctors that there was no treatment medicine.

  Tao Yingna diagnosed that Ms. Wu was suffering from "plasma cell mastitis", and she used the traditional Chinese medicine "Wuwei Sanwei Decoction" orally and externally applied Jinhuang San for treatment.

After one week of treatment, the redness and swelling of Ms. Wu's breasts had subsided 2/3; two weeks later, the redness and swelling had subsided as before pregnancy.

Tao Yingna said that Wuwei Disinfection Decoction was from Qing·Jinjian of Yizong Volume 72 · Boils. It is composed of five medicines such as silver flower, wild chrysanthemum, dandelion, violet and Tiankui seeds, and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying.

Golden powder comes from Ming·Chen Shigong's "Surgery Authentic", which has the effects of clearing away heat and toxins, reducing swelling and pain.

The team members consulted the pharmacopoeia and domestic and foreign literature to confirm that the prescription is safe to use during pregnancy.

  In October of this year, Ms. Wu had breast redness, swelling, heat and pain again after giving birth, and poor milk discharge.

Tao Yingna gave the "Milk Formula" orally to soothe the liver and clear the stomach, dispel lumps and reduce swelling, and externally apply Jinhuang San to clear away heat and toxins, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

After two weeks of treatment, the redness and swelling of Ms. Wu's breasts subsided.