• Dr Thomas Jendges, who ran a major hospital in Chemnitz, a city in East Germany, died by suicide on November 2.

  • Since his death, a supposed farewell letter has been circulating on social networks.

    The doctor reportedly wrote there that he could no longer "live with the lies to citizens and patients" about vaccines against Covid-19.

  • The Chemnitz police deny to

    20 Minutes

    the existence of such a letter.

“I can no longer live with the lies to citizens and patients, [telling them] that vaccines would be harmless.

These words would be those of the farewell letter from a German doctor, Doctor Thomas Jendges, who died on November 2 in Chemnitz, a city in western Germany, near the Czech border.

The rest of the text qualifies vaccines against Covid-19 as “genocide” and “crime against humanity”.

The doctor would explain there to have chosen to put an end to his days because he "could not condone such a crime on behalf of the federal government, the regional government and their henchmen".

This supposed farewell letter is shared on Facebook, after the German newspaper


wrote an article on November 3 about the death of this doctor, who ran the Chemnitz hospital.

The death had been made public the day before by the town hall of this city in East Germany.


The article in the



makes no mention of such a letter.

The Chemnitz police told

20 Minutes

"to have carried out the investigation" on the subject.

"We are not aware of such a farewell letter, contrary to what has been said in several publications," she said.

Doctor Thomas Jendges died by suicide on November 2.

He had co-directed this important hospital since April 15 and had become its sole director on October 1.

He was among the first people at the facility to receive a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at the end of December 2020, local media Freipress reported.

He also supported the opening of a vaccination center within the hospital, as noted by our Austrian colleagues from Mimikama.

Thomas Jendges had previously headed a group of clinics in Baden-Württemberg for eleven years.

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