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The Xiaomi Pro 2 FR, the best ally in town

For a scooter to go anywhere, there is nothing like foldable models.

This is what Xiaomi offers with the Pro 2 FR.

The machine can actually be folded up in seconds, allowing it to be taken on public transport or to the office, for example.

The Pro 2 FR weighing 14.2 kilos, it can be carried on the stairs.

At the same time, this electric scooter has a maximum range of 45 kilometers, which is suitable for small and medium daily trips.

Its screen displays 8 different data in real time, including speed and driving mode.

There is also a locking function.

During the week of Black Week, the Xiaomi Pro 2 FR is € 549 instead of € 630.43, or more than € 81 savings.

Discover the Xiaomi Pro 2 FR

The MPMAN TR800, the comfortable electric scooter

The more comfortable alternative is the MPMAN TR800, an electric scooter that promotes driving pleasure and practicality.

For this, the TR800 has a seat allowing a seated driving.

In addition, its 12-inch wheels promote better cushioning, and therefore a more pleasant ride.

That said, this scooter is no slouch when it comes to safety.

In addition to the chassis, it includes front and rear brakes.

If its engine displays a good power of 350 W useful in rating, it will not exceed 20 km / h for more safety.

Practical, the MPMAN scooter finally includes a basket at the back, useful for keeping your hands free after races.

At the moment, on Cdiscount, the machine displays a reduced price of 49 €, going from 399 € to 349.99 €.

Discover the MPMAN TR800

The Surpass 8 Pro: good compromise, good value for money

Between driving comfort and practicality, there is the 8 Pro from Surpass.

This electric scooter must retain good power without becoming heavier.

On this weight criterion, a successful challenge: the 8 Pro has a featherweight of 12 kilos.

Foldable, we can take it on public transport with great ease.

At the same time, its range averages 25 kilometers, which makes it suitable for short trips.

The chassis is designed to be water resistant.

But it must also offer a pleasant drive.

To do this, it has 8 "tires, and above all, a shock absorber at the front. This will take care of the defects of the road. The Surpass 8 Pro is currently at € 199.99 on Cdiscount .

Discover the Surpass 8 Pro

These are the three best options put forward by Cdiscount on the occasion of its Black Week.

But other models of electric scooters are also available on the site, with significant discounts.

Some may be more suitable for your needs.

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