The fragrance of the ancient past and the authenticity of the present combine

Expo..Visitors to the Palestine Pavilion pass through the charming gate of Jerusalem

  • The pavilion's participation comes within the framework of documenting the Palestinian narrative.

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During his visit to the Palestine Pavilion participating in "Expo 2020 Dubai", the visitor finds himself in the courtyard of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, simulating the experience of Palestinian life that combines the fragrance of the ancient past and the authenticity of the present, as his amazing tour begins in front of the charming Jerusalem gate, on whose sides the olive tree hangs. The smell of the city of Jerusalem, all the way to the Palestinian neighborhoods with its religious landmarks and the authenticity of its historical heritage.

The pavilion's general manager, Muhammad Jabr, stressed the importance of the State of Palestine's participation in this global event to introduce the world to the Palestinian heritage and identity.

It also comes as a continuation of previous participations in "Expo Milano" and "Expo Shanghai".

He said that the pavilion's participation comes within the framework of documenting the Palestinian narrative, and shedding light on the history, civilization and future of this country.

Regarding the construction and design of the pavilion, located in the area of ​​opportunities, Jabr explained that the idea of ​​building the pavilion is that its gate is Jerusalem, as it was built of real stone, which was brought from Palestine to Dubai, all the way to the walls of Jerusalem, its arches, and the sounds of its alleys and alleys.

He pointed to the embodiment of the idea of ​​the pavilion with the idea of ​​the five senses, “so that the visitor can live and roam in the pavilion as if he were in Palestine.

In the stage of consideration, he can see a short film that embodies Palestinian life in all sectors of tourism, industry, culture, entertainment and folklore.

He can also touch the real symbols that were brought from Jerusalem to Dubai, to embody the depth of Palestinian civilization.”

The pavilion also included a display of handicraft and heritage products made for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Jabr said: “We consider our participation in the exhibition a great opportunity to attract investment and economic exchange between the participating countries.

We are in the process of arranging bilateral meetings with the pavilions of the participating countries, Arab and international, to attract investment to Palestine and to export Palestinian products to their markets.”

He pointed out that "Expo 2020 Dubai", which is hosted by the UAE for the first time in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, with the participation of more than 192 countries, is a global event that fascinates minds, expressing thanks and appreciation to the UAE for all the facilities it provides for the success of the Palestinian pavilion.

It is noteworthy that the activities of "Expo 2020 Dubai" will continue until March 31, 2022;

The international event invites visitors from all over the planet to participate in creating a new world in a six-month celebration of human creativity, innovation, progress and culture.