Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, "If the landing is true, I can't accept it at all," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno, who reportedly landed on Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture on the 16th and confirmed the situation on the island. It is extremely regrettable, "he said, and explained that he had made a strict protest against the Korean government.

According to the Korean police, the head of the Korean Police Agency, Kim Chang-ryong, landed on Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture on the 16th. It was because all the members were replaced by police officers. "He said that the purpose was to check the situation on the island and encourage him.

Regarding this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference in the morning, "It is probable that the landing was carried out due to various circumstances, but at this time, confirmation has not been obtained from the South Korean government."

He added, "If the landing is a fact, it is extremely regrettable that Takeshima cannot be accepted at all, considering that it is a territory peculiar to Japan in light of historical facts and clearly under international law. In response to the news, he immediately offered to cancel the plan, and yesterday he protested again. "

In response to a question from reporters about the impact on Japan-South Korea relations, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, "Based on Japan's consistent position, we will continue to strongly respond appropriately to the South Korean side regarding various issues including Takeshima. There is no change in the idea we seek. "