The Swedish Transport Agency has compiled the accident development from 2016 up to and including August this year for five types of vehicles, including electric scooters.

The accidents increased sharply in 2019 when the electric scooters entered the market.

- The majority of accidents with electric scooters occur in large cities and occur mainly in the evenings and nights during weekends.

This is of course due to the fact that there are most electric scooters in larger cities, but also shows that the electric scooter has become a vehicle used in city life by young adults in a not entirely safe way, says Khabat Amin, statistician at the Swedish Transport Agency.

A total of three fatal accidents in five years

In 2021, up to and including August, 299 injuries occurred with electric scooters involved in Stockholm County.

According to the traffic councilor Daniel Helldén (MP), the electric scooters are used for 60,000 trips daily in the city of Stockholm.

About 40 percent of those involved in accidents with personal injuries are in the age group 20-34 years.

Men are slightly overrepresented and most of the accidents are single accidents.

In the last five years, three fatal accidents involving at least one electric scooter have occurred, but none of them have occurred in Stockholm County.

Skåne is the worst affected in the country with 339 injuries.

Stricter rules in Stockholm

The City of Stockholm's green-blue majority has decided to tighten the rules for electric scooters and introduce police permits.

Among other things, the number will be halved, the rental companies will be limited from today's eight to three and a speed limit will be introduced at a maximum of 15 kilometers per hour on Friday and Saturday evenings.

This is how it sounded when Daniel Helldén answered SVT's questions about the stricter requirements:

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Trafikborgarrådet Daniel Helldén (MP) explains how and why the number of electric scooters must be reduced.

Photo: Tommy Bergman, SVT