China News Online, November 15 (Chen Jing Xiao Xin) Chen Zhinan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Center for Molecular Medicine Translational Science of the Air Force Military Medical University, pointed out on the 15th that cancer treatment has entered the era of precision medicine, among which cellular immunity represented by CAR-T Treatment is known as the "special operations force" that accurately destroys cancer cells.

  The reporter learned on the same day that the “2021 Fifth International Precision Medicine Academic Annual Conference and Industry Conference” (hereinafter referred to as the “Precision Medicine Conference”) focused on “building the cornerstone of tumor precision medicine and creating a great career in immune cell therapy”.

Professor Qian Qijun, Dean of Shanghai Cell Therapy Research Institute and Deputy Dean of Shanghai University School of Medicine, was elected as the new chairman of the Precision Medicine Branch of China Medical Biotechnology Association.

  It is reported that the Precision Medicine Branch of the China Medical Biotechnology Association was founded by Wu Mengchao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the father of Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery.

Professor Qian Qijun told reporters that cell and gene therapy are gradually becoming one of the three pillars of medicine.

The experts of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group are committed to the original innovation of cell and gene therapy, solve the "stuck neck" project of cell and gene therapy, and strive to develop the currently expensive cell and gene therapy drugs into affordable products for ordinary people. Really help cancer patients.

It is understood that in 2013, Professor Qian Qijun founded the Shanghai Cell Therapy Group.

  According to reports, in recent years, Professor Qian Qijun has led a team to deeply integrate “cell health, cell medicine, and cell medicine” to build a “super cell research and development system” and create a “triadic” strategic closed loop in the field of cell therapy.

Professor Cheng Chuanmiao, dean of Mengchao Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University, told reporters that Mengchao Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University is the landing link of the closed-loop cell medicine in the "Trinity" strategy.

The hospital has established in-depth cooperation with Shanghai University in clinical, scientific research and talents; at the same time, it has attracted many famous experts and talents at home and abroad to join.

  Through online and offline forms, this conference will link domestic and foreign first-class innovative research and development scientists, clinical diagnosis and treatment experts, diagnostic testing technology industry and industry elites, and conduct extensive and in-depth discussions on industrial development, technological innovation, and clinical practice, and integrate the current New developments at home and abroad, especially under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, actively participate in responding to the challenges of new precision medicine technologies, and jointly promote technological innovation and cross-field collaboration in the precision medicine field in China to contribute to human health.

  At the conference, a number of experts respectively published the latest views on tumor therapy, and conducted in-depth discussions from multiple dimensions, stimulated new ideas through cross-field exchanges of ideas, promoted industrial innovation and development, and enhanced human health and well-being.

Professor Liu Changgong, the business dean of Mengchao Cancer Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University, former tenured professor of MD Anderson Cancer Research Center and head of genetic testing, analyzed the significance of precision medicine to cancer from the perspective of genomics.

Carl June, a tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of the American Academy of Sciences, explained the practical significance of cell therapy.