Actively strengthen the education and guidance of young people's views on marriage and love (new perspective)

  As the times change, young people's views on marriage and love are quietly changing.

The "Survey Report on Contemporary Youth's Views on Marriage and Love" jointly released by the League Central Network Film Center and the "Voice of Youth" Marriage Service Committee shows that contemporary youths pay more attention to "internal matching" in spouse selection, and more than 70% of male youths will actively pursue love. , More than 30% of young women actively pursue love.

  At the same time, due to lack of understanding of emotional issues such as heterosexual relationships, love, and love, social anxiety about marriage and love has shown a younger trend in recent years.

Some young people do not know how to make friends, are afraid to express love bravely, and fail to establish a civilized, healthy and rational view of marriage and love. Over time, there are more cases of blind love and unwillingness to fall in love, and even if the relationship is frustrated, it is easy to go to extremes.

In order to help young people to establish a correct view of marriage and love, many domestic colleges and universities have successively opened emotional education elective courses and special lectures with love and marriage as the main content.

During the National Two Sessions this year, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference suggested strengthening youth marriage and love education.

The pursuit of students and the appeal of the society reflect the lack of emotional education for young people, and it is urgent to establish a correct view of marriage and love.

  Human beings have always yearned for love and belonging, and many people’s emotional experiences start from entering university.

However, when faced with love, not all young students can perform well.

How to treat the relationship between the sexes, how to get along with the opposite sex, how to deal with emotional problems... Many young people have many doubts, confusions, and confusions in the process of love, which urgently need scientific guidance.

A teacher once compared the marriage and love class to a "department pharmacy" with various "prescriptions" such as confession, love enlightenment, and treatment of broken love.

Imagine if you can guide young people in need to look at love rationally and find a "prescription" that suits them by setting up marriage and love classes, why not do it?

  Of course, there are also some worried voices.

Some people think that university is a place to study after all. If a large number of masters in love are cultivated, will it affect the school's style of study and students' studies?

As the saying goes, love is a compulsory course in life.

Before young people step into society, it is not impossible to get correct education and guidance on marriage and emotional issues, and to prepare for future marriage and family life.

What's more, marriage and love classes based on psychological knowledge are not just about teaching people to fall in love, but more about encouraging young people to actively participate in interpersonal communication, enrich and improve their personality, and cultivate the ability to create and harvest happiness. They will be as important as their ability to learn in their future lives.

  A correct view of marriage and love is the prerequisite for family happiness, and a happy family is the foundation of social harmony.

Relevant government departments, families, schools, society and other parties should face up to the needs of young people for emotional education, provide more support and guidance, and better alleviate their anxiety about marriage and love.

In view of the difficulty in making friends with young people, relevant departments and group organizations must be good "waiters". It is necessary to organize single young people to participate in healthy and upward group activities such as cultural and sports entertainment, interest training, skill improvement, and social services, so as to expand the breadth and breadth of youth social interactions. Depth, but also pay attention to help them change some of their misconceptions about marriage and love.

In response to the puzzles encountered by young people in love, relevant companies and institutions should be good “guides”, while strictly observing professional ethics and industry ethics, they should give full play to the power of professionals such as psychological counselors, marriage and love counseling, and make friends in love based on the characteristics of young people. Provide services and guidance on the process, psychology and behavior of marriage and family life to help young people solve practical problems, strengthen youth value guidance, and clearly resist negative views on marriage and love such as "love and marriage equal to material exchange".

In response to violations of laws and regulations in related industries, functional departments must be good "supervisors" to guide matchmaking agencies to operate in accordance with the law and standardize services.

  Learning how to love is an ability that also requires learning and improvement.

Through correct education and guidance, I believe that more young people can learn how to love themselves and others better, and establish a civilized, healthy and rational view of marriage and love.

  Shi Zhipeng