The vaccination quota is barely making any further progress in Hesse either.

Only 75 percent of the people in question have received the necessary preventive injections against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, all 18 intensive care beds at Giessen University Hospital for Covid-19 patients were fully occupied on Friday.

A clinic spokesman for the FAZ said this number of beds should be kept by the house for corona patients.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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In addition, all other intensive care capacities were exhausted on Friday.

In the corresponding beds, the staff look after heart attack, stroke and accident patients, among other things.

As a result, the clinic - except in unavoidable emergencies - reported a full intensive care capacity.

Above average number of unvaccinated people

Of all patients in the clinic's intensive care units who are sick with Covid-19, 85 to 90 percent are not vaccinated, according to a clinic spokesman.

That is well above average.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, almost 69 percent of the currently 214 corona patients in Hessian intensive care units have not been vaccinated or not sufficiently vaccinated.

"The nursing staff is the bottleneck number one in the fourth wave," said a spokesman for the FAZ clinic. The clinic has advertised numerous nursing positions and is doing its best to fill the jobs.

There is currently a 5000 euro welcome bonus for intensive workers - a very controversial signal.

"This is a market economy"

The hospital has been reprimanded for this by the Verdi service union and the SPD.

Other clinics in Central Hesse also pay premiums.

In Marburg, for example, more than a dozen nurses moved from the University Clinic in Gießen and Marburg to another house.

That is a market economy.

As can be heard from the clinic, the exhaustion of the staff is obvious.

The three Greens health ministers from Hesse, Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg are meanwhile calling for the epidemic situation to be prolonged, which is of national importance.

You are opposing the plans of the possible future traffic light government, which the Greens are also negotiating.

"Excluding possible necessary instruments does not do justice to the situation," says the paper, as reported by the dpa