Libya: the international community insists on the need for "credible" elections

The leaders gathered in Paris for the international conference for Libya call for the holding of inclusive and credible elections in December, November 12, 2021. Yoan VALAT POOL / AFP

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Six weeks away from the crucial elections in Libya, a conference was held this Friday in Paris to reaffirm the international community's support for this election and the transition process.


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Emmanuel Macron recognized it from the outset at a press conference this Friday evening: the objective is "


". The Libyans have still not agreed on the legal basis for the presidential and legislative elections and their timetable. They will have to do it very quickly, therefore, with the Parliament based in eastern Libya and the electoral commission.

But the international community wants to believe it by calling on Friday for

the holding of


” and “


” elections in December.

 The Libyan transition must be completed and the elections must take place under the best possible conditions.

The next six weeks are decisive, 

”French President Emmanuel Macron said at the end of the conference in Paris.

Paris, Rome and Berlin have said they are ready to deploy observers for the poll.

They also brandished the threat of sanctions against elements who oppose the conduct of the vote and who do not recognize the results.

The two leaders of the Libyan interim executive present in Paris have pledged to accept the results of the elections, whatever they may be.

 Organizing the elections simultaneously on the scheduled date is a historic goal that we will strive to achieve, 

” Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dbeibah said.

The departure of foreign forces from Libya, the other objective

The other part of this conference concerned the departure of foreign forces from Libya.

Emmanuel Macron welcomed the departure of 300 of them at the request of France.

He also called on Russia and Turkey to withdraw “

 without delay 

” their mercenaries.

According to the Élysée, several thousand mercenaries are still present in Libya: those of the private Russian group Wagner, but also pro-Turkish Syrians, Chadians and Sudanese.

But Moscow does not recognize its presence in Libya through the Wagner group.

And Turkey refutes this denomination of mercenaries to qualify its troops in Libya.

She made this clear in the final press release of the conference.

For Angela Merkel, the departure of the 300 mercenaries may make it possible to initiate a larger withdrawal of troops: “

 There is a certain number of reluctance on the Turkish side.

It's a good thing that we can see a first withdrawal, it will serve as an example.

Things have started



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the absence of some heads of state does not bode well



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