The first meeting of the government meeting was held with the aim of promoting digitalization to close the gap between local and urban areas and lead to regional revitalization. As a support, he expressed his intention to put together an overall picture of the measures by the end of the year.

At the first meeting of the "Digital Rural City National Concept Realization Conference" held at the Prime Minister's Office, experts such as Prime Minister Kishida, Minister for Regional Revitalization Wakamiya Expo, and Professor Emeritus Heizo Takenaka of Keio University attended. Did.

Among them, Prime Minister Kishida said, "The digital garden city-state concept is the most important pillar of the growth strategy for the realization of" new capitalism. "By utilizing digital technology, we will revitalize the regions while making the most of the individuality of the region. , Realizing a sustainable economic society. "

On top of that, the Digital Agency will take the initiative to mobilize all the policies to support the digitization of local areas, and will promote the development of the digital infrastructure of local governments such as the high-speed, large-capacity communication standard "5G", as well as remote medical care, education, and disaster prevention. He explained that he would support such efforts and set up a grant to promote the concept as a new economic measure.

He added, "We will summarize the concrete measures for the time being and the overall picture of the measures that should be taken in the medium to long term by the end of this year. I will list them. "