According to the Government Offices, social dumping is when a municipality causes people in need of support measures to move to another municipality without the person himself expressing a clear will to move.

It is often municipalities with high unemployment and a strained municipal economy that then need to take over the responsibility and costs for individuals who move from more affluent municipalities.

"Do not share the view"

Håkan Dahlqvist, head of the social administration in Kiruna, says that it is a general text.

- I do not share the view that this is social dumping.

What is the difference?

- We try to process applications based on current rules and guidelines, then it can in some cases have unwanted consequences.

Torsten's responsibility to find solutions

Håkan Dahlqvist believes that you should look for alternative solutions if you have difficulty finding housing in Kiruna.

In Torsten's case, he means that you have to sell the house for a debt, and when you become homeless, for example, move.

Hear the head of the social administration Håkan Dahlqvist answer Torsten Zakariasson's claim about social dumping.