• Third dose, Undersecretary Costa: "Soon extension also to fifties"

  • Ema starts modern vaccine evaluation for age group 6-11

  • Covid, Sileri: "No idea of ​​a vaccine obligation, neither for adults nor for young people"


November 10, 2021 From December 1, the third dose will be open for the age group between 40 and 60 years. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, during the Time Question in the Chamber.

"I would like to announce to Parliament that we have chosen to take a further step forward in the vaccination campaign. From 1 December - underlines Speranza - in our country, even those between 40 and 60 years of age will be called for the third dose. step forward because we believe that the third dose is an important step in our strategy to combat Covid ".

"The numbers in Italy today are very positive and important. This morning, at 7, we are 86.62% of people who have had the first dose, and 83.77% of people who have completed the vaccination cycle. to insist that every single extra vaccine allows us to have a stronger shield than in the weeks to come, "the health minister said. As of this morning, "2.4 million booster doses are offered" of the anti-Covid vaccine and "today we will exceed 2.5 million".

According to what Adnkronos learns, during the control room with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, raised the question of the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine mandatory for health personnel and those who work in the RSA. The obligation is already foreseen for the first two doses and on the table there is the evaluation of extending the obligation also to the third. It is a direction of travel, he explains, but without any immediate precipitation.

"We are working with Aifa and the commissioner for the purchase of the new antiviral drugs from Merck and Pfizer", continues Minister Roberto Speranza, during the question time. And "the current stocks of monoclonal antibodies are adequate to the needs of the regions".

This morning "over 122 million Green Passes have been downloaded in the three cases", ie from vaccines, from swabs or because they are exempt, explains the Minister of Health. "The Green Pass - he underlines - is a fundamental piece of our government's strategy because it makes it possible to make the places where it is applied safer".

Validity of the Green Pass

As for the temporary revocation of the Green pass for those who are ascertained positive "we are in the development phase. But it remains clear that those who are positive are always subject to the legal obligation of fiduciary isolation and cannot use the Green pass". The "political evaluations" on the Green pass, says the minister, "are denied by the epidemiological data of recent days in our and other countries. The monitoring of data" on vaccination indications related to the Green pass "is continuous: every week the ISS presents updated data on efficacy, while a scientific report is published every month on the basis of 'real world' data.effectiveness of the vaccination campaign in the field and the data collected make it possible to update the indications and understand when to intervene to maintain immunity ".

"The rule that allowed the extension of the validity of the Green Certification from 9 to 12 months for vaccinated people was the result of a precise and unambiguous parliamentary will: the government will continue to work with conviction, putting the vaccination campaign at the center of its strategy of contrast to Covid ", the minister specified, recalling that" the evidence available to date indicates that fully vaccinated subjects maintain adequate protection with respect to the unvaccinated against the risk of being infected and even more markedly with respect to the risk of developing serious pathology ". "The evaluation regarding the extension of the Green Certification to 12 months can then of course be revised in the future, if new data or scientific studies emerge that lead to a different conclusion", concluded Speranza.  

"The Government intends to start an in-depth process with the competent technical-scientific bodies, including the Scientific Technical Committee" for the coronavirus emergency, "in order to ascertain whether, in the light of the most recent studies, there are the conditions to evaluate the validity differently of the green certificate issued to the healed "by Covid-19. Among the recovered "scientific observation has shown a different immune response compared to the subjects who have completed the vaccination cycle, including the case of the recovered one who is administered a dose of vaccine within 6 months. of a dose is therefore equated to vaccination, with the consequent validity of the green certification of 12 months starting from the administration of the dose ".