Chinanews Taipei, on November 9th, the administrative agency of the radio authority, the "General Accounting Office", announced the latest price overview on the 9th.

Some officials pointed out that people have a deeper feeling about the price fluctuations of commodities that are more frequently purchased, such as fast food, fruits and vegetables, and oil prices.

If distinguished by income, low-income families are more aware of rising prices.

  The Central News Agency reported on the 9th that the latest data released by the "General Accounting Office" showed that the consumer price index (CPI) annual growth rate in October was 2.58%. If classified by income level, the annual growth rate of CPI for low-income households was 2.79%. , Which is 0.21 percentage points higher than the annual growth rate of the CPI general index.

The annual growth rate of CPI for middle- and high-income households was 2.56% and 2.55% respectively, which was lower than the annual growth rate of the overall index.

  The Chief Accounting Office explained that the CPI increase of low-income households was higher than that of middle- and high-income households. The main reason was that the expenditure structure of low-income households was different. The expenditure of low-income households was higher in food, and the proportion of food purchased and cooked at home was higher than that of food outside. And restaurant consumption; and during this period, vegetables and fruits have increased significantly, so low-income families will feel particularly aware of rising prices.

The price of oil has also risen a lot recently, but both low, middle and high income families have corresponding expenditures. Therefore, the impact of this expenditure on the CPI of households with different incomes is not as obvious as that of food.

  According to Taiwan media reports, due to the outstanding performance of exports and investment, the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research raised Taiwan’s 2021 economic growth rate to 6.1% on the 8th, not only an increase of 0.7 percentage points from the July forecast, but also higher than Taiwan’s private think tank "Yuan Tai Bao". The 6.0% forecast by "Hua" is currently the most optimistic among the major think tanks on the island.

In addition, the Taiwan Economic Research Institute predicts that Taiwan’s economic growth rate will be 4.1% in 2022, and private consumption will become the main driving force of economic growth. The private consumption growth rate for the year is estimated to be 5.03%.