China News Service, Guilin, November 9th (Jiang Xuelin, Zhao Linlu) The activity of returning to their parents with their children from Guangxi in Taiwan, and the activity of returning one hundred land to their parents in Guilin, Guangxi, was launched on the 9th.

About 125 representatives of Lu Pei and his relatives participated in a series of activities, narrating the family relationship of the same root, the same language, the same kind of blood between the two sides of the Strait, and jointly seeking a new chapter in the development of exchanges, cooperation, integration and development between Guangxi and Taiwan.

  This event is guided by the Cross-Strait Marriage and Family Service Center, hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guangxi, and undertaken by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guilin. The theme is "Guys have family affection on both sides of the Taiwan Strait". The event lasts for 4 days.

  According to Tang Yuxia, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guangxi, Guangxi is one of the provinces with a relatively large number of marriages between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, with a total of nearly 30,000 pairs.

Lu Pei from Guangxi is an important group for the exchange of compatriots in the two places and an important link to promote the development of cross-strait economic and social integration. They actively integrate into the local society in Taiwan, and some act as the heads of local organizations or industry associations. They return to their hometowns and are active Employment and entrepreneurship, each broke into a world. Thanks to their continuous efforts to improve themselves, their business families have achieved good development.

  Tang Yuxia said that for a long time, leaders and departments at all levels in Guangxi have cared about and cared for the land supply group of Guangxi. Every year when they go to Taiwan, they visit and sympathize with Lu Pei’s family in various ways to solve their difficulties in production and life and make the island’s inland distribution deep. Moved.

Since 2011, Guilin City has held the Land Delivery Return to Mother's Home for 10 consecutive years, attracting more than 400 Guangxi land partners and relatives from all over Taiwan to participate enthusiastically, looking forward to the development of cross-strait integration.

She hopes that Guangxi land partners and their relatives will give full play to the advantages of kinship, build a bridge of heart, pave the way for cooperation, and help more land partners to become participants and promoters of the peaceful and integrated development of cross-strait relations.

  Jiang Yuliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Guilin Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech at the event’s launching ceremony and stated that Taiwan is Guilin’s largest source of overseas tourists, and Taiwanese capital is an important source of Guilin’s use of foreign funds. In 2020, Taiwanese capital will account for 1/3 of Guilin’s total use of foreign funds.

At present, Guilin has more than 400 Taiwanese-invested enterprises and more than 16,000 pairs of Taiwan-related marriages. It is an entrepreneurial paradise and investment blessed land favored by Taiwanese compatriots.

Guilin has integrated sincerity into all work related to Taiwan, and actively introduced local implementation methods for policies and measures that benefit Taiwan and the people, so that Taiwanese compatriots can fully enjoy the same treatment.

At the beginning of this year, Guilin Taiwan compatriots were immediately guided, and the voluntary free vaccination of the new crown vaccine received media attention and in-depth reports, which caused a warm response among the Taiwan compatriots.

He welcomes Taiwan compatriots to come to share the development opportunities and dividends of Guilin's construction of a world-class tourist city, and to develop together.

  Hao Hongmei, Deputy Director of the Communication and Liaison Department of the Cross-Strait Marriage and Family Service Center, delivered a speech and expressed the hope that marriage parties on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will uphold the sincerity in their marriage life, not forget their original aspirations in public welfare services, and strengthen their confidence in cross-strait exchanges, and work together to gather majestic strength and create happiness. Belle Epoque.

  Li Yanni, chairman of the Taipei China Cultural and Creative Economic and Trade Association, sent a video congratulation. She said that when cross-strait relations are good, Taiwan will be better.

With the support and help of the strong backing of the motherland, the sisters in the land will develop their own careers, run their families well, educate the next generation, understand the mainland more, get closer to the motherland, and play a role as a bridge connecting the mainland's maiden family with Taiwan, their second hometown. .

  Lu Huaai, Chairman of Guangxi Hailing Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., made a speech on behalf of the Guilin Cross-Strait Exchange Association.

She said that the association was established in September this year. The land supply, Taiwan compatriots, and Taiwanese family members gathered in Guilin can integrate into the local development, consolidate friendship on the island, influence the neighbors, promote exchanges between Guangxi and Taiwan, deepen the kinship of the compatriots, enhance the roots of blood, and let the two sides of the strait. Share the family friendship, the warmth of the family, and the results of joint construction.

  The event carried out a series of contents such as conference exchanges, promotion of policies to benefit Taiwan and the people, sharing of land distribution entrepreneurship and employment experience, family interaction, visits and inspections, to promote Chinese culture and Guangxi's landscape and humanities, showcase the achievements of the mainland's economic and social development, and share the development opportunities of Guangxi. Enhance mutual understanding between compatriots on both sides of the strait, strengthen psychological resonance, and promote spiritual harmony.