China News Service, November 8th. According to the US "World Journal" report, a gun battle occurred on the Oakland section of Highway 880 in Northern California on the afternoon of the 6th. A white car driven by a Chinese happened to pass by the section and was hit by stray bullets. A boy less than two years old was hit by a bullet and died after being sent to hospital.

It is currently known that the person who was shot was a Chinese boy surnamed Wu, who lives in Fremont.

His mother is a single mother, and the boy is the only child of his mother.

  According to the California Highway Police Department (CHP), a shooting occurred on the south section of Highway 880 at 2 pm on the 6th. People in two vehicles shot at each other, but a car carrying six people happened to pass by and bullets penetrated. In the car, a boy surnamed Wu was shot and bleeding on the head.

The boy surnamed Wu was the only person hit in the car.

  It is understood that the boy was sitting in the car seat while the mother was driving.

  The passing car was carrying three men and three women. After the boy named Wu was hit, he was rushed to Oakland Children's Hospital for treatment, but he was still unable to recover.

  The California Highway Police Department's preliminary judgment pointed out that the boy's car should not be the target of the shooting, but was affected by the gun battle.

According to information obtained by the World Journal, the boy's family ran into this accident on the way back to Fremont's home from San Francisco.

(Li Rong)