China News Service, November 7th. According to the State Grid website, the current situation of power supply and demand in the operation area of ​​State Grid has returned to normal, and initial results have been achieved in ensuring power supply and people's livelihood.

The supply of electric coal has increased significantly, the grid-connected power generation capacity has increased significantly, and the scale of orderly power consumption has decreased significantly.

  The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the work of ensuring energy supply this winter and next spring. The National Development and Reform Commission, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the Energy Administration and other relevant departments have put forward clear requirements to strengthen the deployment of all aspects of coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation, and take multiple measures to promote coal. Increasing production and supply, stabilizing coal prices, generating more electricity, increasing natural gas production and increasing reserves, local party committees, governments, energy companies and other relevant parties actively cooperate to ensure safe and stable energy supply and effectively alleviate tensions in energy supply and demand.

  The State Grid Corporation of China resolutely assumes the responsibility of the power grid, strengthens political responsibility, implements detailed measures, does everything possible, comprehensively implements policies, and makes efforts from multiple directions of generation, supply and use, and goes all out to ensure safety, power supply, people's livelihood, and key points. Do a good job in ensuring power supply this winter and next spring.

  The first is to support the stable supply of various power sources.

Closely follow the supply of electricity coal and gas, tap the potential of power generation, and coordinate all kinds of coal-fired and gas-fired units to be able to open as many as possible.

  The second is to give full play to the role of the large power grid platform.

Scientifically arrange the operation of the power grid, make use of trans-regional and trans-provincial power transmission channels, coordinate the balance of power across the entire grid, strengthen the mutual assistance of power surplus and deficiency, and ensure the safety of the power grid.

  The third is to resolutely maintain the bottom line of electricity consumption for people's livelihood.

Adhere to "demand response priority, orderly power consumption guarantee, and power saving assistance", actively cooperate with the government to refine and improve the orderly power plan, guide users to shift peaks and avoid peaks, and make every effort to protect residents, public services and important users of electricity.

  The fourth is to earnestly implement the electricity price reform policy.

Orderly liberalize the on-grid tariffs for all coal-fired power generation, expand the range of fluctuations in market transaction prices, actively carry out agency power purchases, and fully implement customer notification, market registration, agency agreement signing, and meter upgrades.

  The fifth is to strengthen the awareness of energy conservation and conservation in the whole society.

Promote low-carbon energy-saving production and transformation, curb unreasonable electricity demand, promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, and guide the whole society to form a green production and lifestyle.

  Through the joint efforts of all parties, the current power supply and demand situation in the operating areas of the State Grid has returned to normal, and initial results have been achieved in ensuring power supply and people's livelihood.

The supply of thermal coal has increased significantly.

The inventory of thermal coal in the company's operating area rebounded to 99.32 million tons, and the available days of thermal coal rose to 20 days.

The grid-connected power generation capacity has been significantly improved.

The company's operating area failed to repair coal power units and the blocked capacity of coal power plants both decreased, and the power generation capacity of coal power plants was greatly improved.

The scale of orderly electricity consumption is significantly reduced.

The largest orderly power consumption scale of the entire network has dropped significantly, and the power gap has been significantly reduced.

As of November 6, with the exception of individual provinces and local time periods for high energy-consuming and high-polluting enterprises, the orderly power consumption scale of the entire network is close to zero.

  At present, power supply guarantees have achieved phased results. However, as the peak winter approaching, the three phases of peak power consumption, winter heating period, and hydropower dry period are superimposed. In the situation, the big test of the power guarantee war is still going on.