, November 8th, according to a comprehensive US Chinese website report, a latest poll released on the 7th local time showed that the support rate of US President Biden continued to decline.

In recent days, the Biden administration’s legislative agenda has undergone dramatic changes in Congress, and the Democratic Party unexpectedly lost in the Virginia election.

On March 25, local time, U.S. President Biden held the first official press conference in more than 60 days since he took office, answering hot issues such as border crisis, gun control, and infrastructure planning.

The support rate continues to decline!

Biden's ruling performance fell short of expectations?

  According to reports, this poll was conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University between the 3rd and 5th, just before the Democratic Party passed an infrastructure bill and promoted a social spending plan.

  According to reports, Biden’s approval rating has been declining in the past few weeks. The spread of the new crown epidemic has been aggravated by the rampant delta variant and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has incurred bipartisan accusations.

Biden's approval rating has been hovering around 40% in recent polls, and it has now fallen to 38%.

  The latest poll conducted jointly by USA Today and Suffolk University showed that 46% of respondents believed that Biden’s performance as president was worse than expected, and 16% of them voted for him last year.

44% of non-partisans said that Biden’s performance was worse than they expected, not better.

  This dissatisfaction has had an impact on Biden's chances of re-election in 2024.

According to opinion polls, 64% of respondents said they did not want Biden to run for re-election, including 28% of Democrats.

  In contrast, 58% of people said they did not want to see former President Trump become the top candidate for the Republican Party, including 24% of Republicans.

On November 3, local time, the National Children's Hospital vaccinated the child in Washington, USA.

The new crown vaccination in the United States has entered a new phase, and millions of elementary school students can now be vaccinated.

Florida Election Failure, Private Enterprise Vaccine Order Suspended

How will the Biden administration respond?

  Biden responded to his decline in poll numbers at a recent press conference. He said: "This is not the reason for my campaign." He pointed out that the polls are unstable and added, "I am not running for the election. To determine how good I will be in the polls."

  However, last week, the Democrats experienced a night of defeat in Virginia. The Republicans won the races for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

Republican candidate Glenn Youngin defeated former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe with approximately 68,000 votes.

The governor race was seen as a potential harbinger of the midterm elections.

  In addition, the Biden government's private enterprise vaccine order was suspended by the Court of Appeal on the 6th.

White House officials said they are ready to defend the implementation of large corporate vaccine requirements.

  However, the White House achieved a certain "victory" on the 5th. The House of Representatives passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and sent it to Biden's desk for final approval.

The October employment report released earlier in the day showed that the United States added 531,000 jobs last month, exceeding expectations.

  Democrats are currently concentrating on passing a $1.75 trillion social spending plan, which is the second part of Biden's legislative agenda.

The plan includes funding for the expansion of medical and educational programs and the fight against climate change.