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Take advantage of these two gift ideas to make your children happy at Christmas to discover their delighted look when the packages are opened.

A limited edition for the famous Lunii Fabrique à Histoire

This colorful little box called Lunii, the History Factory, has already won over many children and a large number of families.

Thanks to her, there are hours and hours of audio stories that the child can listen to whenever he wants.

All he has to do is turn the button to turn it on and access all of its content.

To then add new features and other audio content, an interface accessible from any computer is sufficient.

After creating your account, you will be able to purchase new albums and import them into the box.

Finally, note that a limited edition of the Lunii is available for the holidays.

This is the edition imagined around the universe of The Little Prince.

She is irresistible.

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Funko pop Squid Game figures

The Squid Game series is the revelation of the start of the 2021 school year. After having been a resounding success in South Korea, it has been able to seduce the French public and unleash passions.

Results ?

It can be found everywhere, including on Funko Pop figures beloved by children and teens.

So this is a perfect gift if you lack inspiration at the end of the year.

All the main characters of Squid Game are represented there, from Sang-Woo to Il-Nam (the old man) through the mysterious organizers of the game. You are thus plunged back into the captivating and no less disturbing universe of the series.

Also discover the so-called 3 for 2 offer which also allows you to acquire 3 Funko Pop figures for the price of 2 only.

Do not miss this good plan currently available on the Fnac website.

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Christmas arrives quite quickly and it is better to anticipate to prepare your gifts serenely.

Here are two great toy ideas for your children or one of your loved ones who likes to collect figurines in particular.

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