Afghanistan, hit by severe humanitarian crisis, plunges into misery

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Afghans line up in Kabul to receive food provided by the UN World Food Program on November 3, 2021. AP - Bram Janssen

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22.8 million people, or nearly half of the population, will face acute food insecurity from this November, warned the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

Afghanistan faces one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.

According to WFP, 3.2 million Afghan children are at risk of severe malnutrition.

As winter approaches, humanitarian needs increase in this country where temperatures can drop to -25⁰C.


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With our correspondent in Kabul,

Sonia Ghezali

Cries erupt in the Khair Khana IDP camp in northwest Kabul.

A crowd has formed, men and women jostle each other violently.

A father explains to us:


A man came to distribute sachets of rice, but everyone threw themselves on him and snatched everything away from him.

We didn't eat anything.

A few days ago babies

died from hunger



Under a small tent, Mortazar Pachai is seated near his wife and their four children.

He hands them a plastic bag filled with rice and two Afghan breads.


I go near restaurants to collect food from the trash cans.

Sometimes I send my children to knock on the doors of people who live in the neighborhood to ask for food.

At first, I sold my phone to feed my family.

My wife is sick but I don't have the money to treat her,

 ”he explains.

Almost a third of the population is food insecure.

A situation which will undoubtedly worsen with the generally very harsh winter in Afghanistan.

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A record number of people face extreme levels of hunger in #Afghanistan.

Millions of lives are at risk this winter.

WFP reached 4.7 million people in October alone.

To meet urgent needs, WFP expects operations to cost as much as US $ 220 million / month.

- World Food Program (@WFP) November 4, 2021


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