The Biden administration in the United States has announced that it will introduce mandatory vaccination of the new coronavirus for companies with more than 100 employees from January next year.

There has been strong opposition from the opposition and Republicans over the mandatory vaccination, and political conflict is deepening.

The Biden administration in the United States announced on the 4th that "employees must be vaccinated by January 4th next year" for companies with 100 or more employees, and since then, vaccination has become mandatory. It was revealed that it will be introduced.

The mandate states that if employees are not vaccinated, they must be tested at least once a week to check for infections, up to $ 14,000 per violation. , I am going to impose a fine of about 1.6 million yen in Japanese yen.

High-ranking officials from the Biden administration say the target is 84 million people nationwide.

Regarding the mandatory vaccination, the governor of the opposition Republican Southern Texas last month issued an order banning companies from requiring employees to be vaccinated, and many Republican governors told the Byden administration. "Mandatory is unconstitutional," he said, and there has been strong opposition, such as showing a willingness to sue, and political conflict is deepening.