• He kills his wife in bed and commits suicide

  • Brescia.

    He takes her life with a hammer, the ex during interrogation: "I wanted to kill her"

  • Brescia: kills the ex with a hammer, arrested on the spot by the carabinieri

  • He kills his partner with a utility knife, then attempts suicide


November 04, 2021 A 77-year-old woman was shot and killed in Ostia Antica, on the Roman coast.

On the spot the police who stopped her husband.

The woman was found dead on the floor in her apartment while her 79-year-old husband sat on the sofa in a daze and with the rifle still in his hand.

On the spot, in addition to the Scientific Police, policemen from the 10th Ostia District and colleagues from the Volanti intervened.

The hypothesis of resato is murder.

The man was taken to the police station to be heard.

Investigations are ongoing.

The alarm appears to have been raised by the neighbors when some shots were heard.