• Third dose, Costa: reasonable within the year for teachers and over 50s

  • Vaccine, Costa: "No third dose obligation hypothesis"

  • Vaccino, Locatelli: "Possible second heterologous dose for those who did Johnson & Johnson"


November 03, 2021 The Aifa commission has given the green light to the booster 6 months after the first dose for vaccinated with J&J.

This is what we learn at the end of the meeting.

The second dose of vaccine will be performed with an mRna serum.

Almost one and a half million people have been vaccinated in Italy with J&J.

Based on available scientific data, protection from severe Covid-19 and hospitalization would remain stable with the J&J vaccine for up to six months.

This is what the scientific technical commission of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) would have highlighted.

Furthermore, with the passage of time, a slow decline in vaccination efficacy against mild and moderate forms of the disease would be highlighted.