It has been four days and one month since the inauguration of the Kishida Cabinet.

Prime Minister Kishida will implement policies with a sense of speed, such as formulating new economic measures in the middle of this month, assuming that the people's confidence has been gained in the lower house elections, and aiming to establish a supplementary budget for this year by the end of this year. It is a policy.

It has been one month since the Kishida Cabinet was established on the 4th of last month.

Prime Minister Kishida said in his first statement of belief since taking office that all ministers need a politics that earns trust and sympathy. He emphasized that he would realize a "new capitalism" that would lead to the realization of "new capitalism."

Then, just 10 days after taking office as Prime Minister, the House of Representatives was dissolved on the 14th of last month, and as a result of the House of Representatives election, the Liberal Democratic Party reduced the number of seats from before the election, but operated the Diet stably by itself. We have secured 261 seats for the "absolutely stable majority" to do so, and the coalition government of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komei Party will continue.

In response to this, Prime Minister Kishida will implement the policy with a sense of speed, assuming that the trust of the people has been gained.

We will continue to take all possible measures against the new coronavirus, and in the middle of this month, we will formulate new economic measures that include benefits for people in need of living such as non-regular workers and child-rearing households. I would like to establish a supplementary budget for this year.

On the diplomatic side, in addition to holding telephone talks with the leaders of each country immediately after taking office, as the first foreign visit, he attended the UN conference on climate change countermeasures in the United Kingdom, COP26, toward the realization of a carbon-free society. He showed his determination to lead the world.

In addition, at the time of the meeting, we agreed to meet with US President Joe Biden for the first time in person as soon as possible and to realize a summit meeting. I am going to develop.