China News Service, November 2 According to Kyodo News, Japan’s Telecommunications University (Tokyo) and SoftBank Corporation have developed a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly convert sign language into Japanese characters.

This system is set up at the office window of the local government in Japan to provide assistance in communicating with the hearing impaired.

In the future, this system may be popular on smartphones.

  According to reports, Nihon Electric and Communication University (Tokyo) and Softbank Corporation have developed a system for converting sign language into Japanese through artificial intelligence (AI). The system is called "SureTalk".

It uses image recognition technology to analyze the movements of dozens of bones such as fingers and arms, and realizes the conversion from sign language to Japanese.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is recognizing sign language movements.

Image source: Screenshot of Kyodo News report.

  The person in charge of Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, who introduced the system, said affirmatively: “Although you can communicate with each other in written form, AI real-time translation can communicate more smoothly.”

  According to the report, there are only about 1,500 words that can be accurately converted, which is a small number.

The head of Softbank’s development said: “To accurately convert sign language into Japanese, a large amount of sign language data is needed as a sample.”

  The company believes that in order to improve the accuracy of the system, more people need to send sign language videos, and it calls for cooperation.

At present, the system has digitized the sign language videos of hundreds of people.

  The head of the All Japan Federation of the Deaf and Mute pointed out: “Sign language also has dialect and regional-specific expressions, and the current AI sign language translation is not perfect. If research and development can be promoted in the future to improve accuracy, then the simple conversation and the window of public institutions It may become an effective tool during inquiry."