Chinanews client, Beijing, November 1, "In 2000, China's per capita tea consumption was 60% of the global average. Today, China's per capita tea consumption is 200% of the global average, ranking sixth in the world." Tea Research Institute, Zhejiang University Director Wang Yuefei introduced in Beijing recently.

  On October 30th, the first 2021 Tea Health and Culture Forum and the "Life Selection" Tea Health Industry Development Summit were held in Beijing in the form of online live broadcast.

The forum was hosted by Life Times, co-organized by Satire and Humor News, and Fujian Strait Zhenhua Cultural Tourism Industry Co., Ltd. as a strategic partner.

Authoritative experts, scholars and business representatives from the tea field focused on the development trend of China's tea health industry.

  Ma Guansheng, director of the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the School of Public Health of Peking University and vice chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, introduced the relevant scientific knowledge of healthy tea drinking.

  He introduced that in addition to nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins, the healthy ingredients in tea are also rich in phytochemicals such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, tea polysaccharides, and theanine, which play an important role in maintaining human health.

In addition, tea also contains a variety of minerals, including zinc, selenium, and fluorine.

Especially worth mentioning is selenium, which is a component of glutathione peroxidase, which can remove lipid peroxides in the body, protect cardiovascular and myocardial health, and enhance immune function.

  At the forum, Wang Yuefei, a member of the State Council Disciplinary Review Group, the leader of Zhejiang University's tea discipline, and the director of Zhejiang University's Tea Research Institute, released the "Foresight Analysis Report of China's Tea Health Industry", which is based on data and scientifically analyzes the development status of the tea industry And trends, and put forward constructive development opinions on the status quo of the tea industry.

  Where is the future of the tea industry?

Wang Yuefei believes that China's tea should be transformed into an efficient industry from scientific and technological innovation, including the innovation of improved varieties, intelligent cultivation, machine-based processing, and comprehensive utilization, as well as the research and innovation of tea biochemistry and the research of tea and health.

  Lin Zhi, chief scientist of the tea quality chemistry and nutrition and health innovation team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and a scientist at the national tea industry technology system processing quality control post, pointed out at the forum that China's tea industry has been growing steadily for more than 70 years.

At present, the annual area of ​​tea gardens reaches more than 1 million mu, and the output of tea reaches 2.9 million tons, making it a veritable country with the largest output in the world.

In the future, the tea industry will simply transform from an agricultural industry to an ecological, health, leisure, and cultural industry, realizing the integration and development of production, ecology, and life.

  Liu Nianyan, a researcher at the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that in order to grasp the strategic opportunities for the development of the tea industry in rural revitalization, one must promote the high-quality development of the tea industry, and do a good job in connecting the government, the society, and the market; second, it must create diversification. Integrate the tea industry, create characteristic tea villages and create tea characteristic towns; third, promote the supply-side structural reform of the tea industry, and promote the transformation from a production-oriented traditional tea industry to a market-oriented modern tea industry; fourth, create sustainable development The tea industry has become a driving force for the development and growth of the new collective economy.

  According to the organizer, the purpose of this forum is to lead the height of cross-field integration and cross-industry development technology, so that the tea health industry model with diversified business formats can show the majestic market potential and promote the development of China's tea health industry.

The forum is planned to be held for three consecutive years to promote the release of China's tea industry foresight analysis report and the proposal of China's tea health industry development standards.