• The mobilization of "yellow vests" marked the spirits.

    If the movement has run out of steam, some figures have not said their last word.

  • Jacline Mouraud and Eric Drouet, two leading figures of the movement, wish to run for the presidency of the Republic.

  • Clara Egger, who is not a former "yellow vest" strictly speaking, carries for her part a program which revolves around a single proposal: the citizens' initiative referendum.

If a string of "small" candidates have declared themselves in the race for the Elysee, only three of them are closely or remotely associated with the movement of "yellow vests".

Failing to revive the movement on the cobblestones, they hope to be able to influence the presidential debates and bring several emblematic demands, first of all the citizens' initiative referendum (RIC).

With the exception of an attempt during the European elections, where the two lists claiming to be "yellow vests" won less than 1% of the vote, the movement failed to lead its mobilization to the polls.

Will the presidential election be an exception?

"The victory of a candidate outside the system is quite probable," journalist Laetitia Krupa estimated last May with

20 Minutes


Except that the electorate “yellow vest” is now coveted by most candidates, and in particular Eric Zemmour with his proposals on the abolition of the point license and the return to 90 km / h on the roads.

"It had by its historical and literary references an electorate endowed with a certain economic and cultural capital and it has the absolute necessity to widen the spectrum", analyzes the specialist of the extreme right Jean-Yves Camus with our colleagues of the Huffington Post.

20 Minutes 

takes stock of the candidates who see the campaign in yellow.

  • Clara Egger and the RIC

“With Clara Egger in 2022, only one program: the citizens' initiative referendum,

for a peaceful and democratic France. The website of the Espoir RIC 2022 movement, created at the instigation of citizens' collectives and the Article 3 association, clearly displays the color. Thirty-year-old, teacher-researcher in international relations in the Netherlands, Clara Egger is the co-author of a book on the subject published by Fyp. She wants to set up a "constituent RIC in order to finally allow the people to take power" on all subjects. "We had a political awakening on the fact that our political system gives few means to the citizens to decide outside the elections", Clara Egger told

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But the academic denies being "the" candidate for "yellow vests".

“It would be political recovery on our part.

"Hope RIC 2022 is" a civic movement, "she continues.

"The people who adhere to it are among those who made the RIC visible among the" yellow vests ".


For Clara Egger, as for most of the “small” candidates, the race for 500 sponsorships is a long marathon.

"It is not obvious," admits the one who launched an appeal to mayors in the summer.

She estimates at around thirty the number of promises of “effective sponsorships” and at “a little over 120” that of support yet to be confirmed.

  • New attempt for Jacline Mouraud

Jacline Mouraud made himself known in a viral video posted on his Facebook account in October 2018, a few weeks before the first gatherings on the roundabouts. If her first attempt was unsuccessful - during the last municipal elections, she was excluded from the list she wanted to lead in Morbihan - she has not given up on politics for all that and wishes to run for the Elysium.

In her declaration of candidacy, Jacline Mouraud makes no mention of the "yellow vests", preferring to speak of the "people of ordinary people" that she intends to represent. However, it claims to

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of the "historic channel" of the demonstration of November 17, 2018. It also proposes a more frequent use of referendums, promising in particular a consultation on immigration which is similar to those proposed by the candidates. right and far right. The candidate does not hesitate to retweet Eric Zemmour.

“If I don't have these famous 500 signatures, I will support the candidate who will put an end to this ignominy that is the health pass.

Either way, that's going to be my number one criteria.

Jacline Mouraud is not vaccinated against Covid-19 and has participated in several demonstrations against the health measures put in place by the government.

  • Eric Drouet, more and more discreet

The one who distanced himself from the “yellow vests” movement in April 2019 detailed his project for the presidential election a year ago in the QGTV program of journalist Aude Lancelin.

"I do not even want to place myself as a candidate, but as a spokesperson and come up with the program that everyone will have chosen", then specified Eric Drouet.

Since ?

Radio silence, or almost.

The road driver of Seine-et-Marne has been increasingly discreet on the subject.

In a tweet posted on October 5 citing the list of presidential candidates, the "yellow vest" commented laconically: "Shit I'm still here."

The former “yellow vest” is still active on social networks: he recently created the Facebook group “Angry France !!!

», After the deletion of a similar old group.


"Yellow vests": "This movement will rebound in one form or another", assures Christophe Guilluy


"Yellow vests" have attempted a timid return to the roundabouts

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