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  • Phrases Shoah, Michetti: "I apologize for hurting the feelings of the Jewish community"


October 30, 2021Enrico Michetti, former candidate for mayor of the center-right in Rome, resigned as city councilor and therefore will not sit in the Julius Caesar hall.

Michetti, the administrative lawyer with a passion for ancient Rome chosen by the center-right coalition for the ride to the Capitoline Hill, has decided to leave his seat in the Capitoline Assembly. A choice that should open the doors of the Chamber to Federico Rocca, the first of the non-elected members of FdI, a group that would thus reach six directors.

After arriving first in the elections of 3 and 4 October with 30% of the votes, Michetti, two weeks later, lost in the ballot with the mayor Roberto Gualtieri who collected 60% of the votes, leaving him at 40%. After the defeat, the 'tribune' had no longer issued statements, today the decision to resign as councilor.

"My decision to resign from the office of municipal councilor - he writes on Facebook - stems from the increasingly pressing awareness of the importance of continuing to ensure as a priority, in the current historical political and economic administrative context, training, updating and assistance to administrators and public officials, an area to which I will devote the utmost commitment to continue the process of enhancing the human resources of the Public Administration ".

"In this way - continues Michetti - even in the capacity of President of the Administrative Gazette of the Italian Republic, I will be able to continue to offer a civic contribution to good administration, undoubtedly higher than what I could guarantee if I assumed the political role of opposition advisor".

"In thanking all those who supported me infinitely - he concludes - I will remain, with full sense of responsibility, always and in any case at the disposal of Roma Capitale for my specific skills and without this involving any expense for the municipal coffers" .