Prime Minister Kishida participated in the G20 Summit in Italy = the summit of 20 major countries online, and based on the basic principle of "a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution" regarding his own economic policy, the people will benefit from economic growth. He explained that he would aim to realize a "new capitalism" that he could feel.

Prime Minister Kishida participated in an online session on the theme of "World Economy and International Health" at the G20 Summit in Rome, the capital of Italy, on the night of the 30th.

In this, Prime Minister Kishida commented on his economic policy, "With the basic principle of" a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution, "" new capitalism, "which increases people's incomes and allows everyone to realize the benefits of economic growth. Aiming for realization. "

He also welcomed the conclusion of a final agreement on new international taxation rules for giant global companies, and stated that he would "promptly work toward the steady implementation of historical achievements" in Japan as well. Based on the "Digital Garden City National Concept", he expressed his intention to promote digitalization from rural areas and correct the disparity with urban areas.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Kishida explained Japan's efforts to supply about 60 million doses of vaccine to each country and region over measures against the new coronavirus, and the G20 will continue to work together to spread the vaccine. I emphasized the need.